Foil Nail Art Decoration (Gold-and-Silver): Review

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So, finally I’m here with nail art decorations’ review. And this time, I’m going to review silver and gold foils which I bought from ebay long time back. Nail art decorations are perfect and easy to use if you want to achieve quick nail art design in less than 5 minutes.

PRICE & QUANTITY: $5.26 for 12 pots (6 pots each of silver & gold foils)

AVAILABILITY: Online on ebay, buy here

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A type of nail art decoration which can be used to create thousands of nail art designs in less than 5 minutes. These are easy to apply and are perfect for beginners.

As you all know I’m a pure nail art lover and loves creating nail arts for no reason. And what’s better than decorating your nails with beautiful nail art decorations. And I just can’t define how many nail art decorations I own. But the love for nail art never comes down.

Coming to these foils, these come in plastic round container with round plastic ring cap. It is very much travel friendly and are in budget too. In India to find nail art decorations is a difficult task and when you find them, the prices are so high, gosh. That’s why I prefer buying nail art decorations and stuff from ebay. It is that one site where you find affordable items with free shipping, isn't it fabulous??

You can create numerous nail art designs using these foils. If you are a beginner and loves nail art, then I’d highly recommend you to grab these foils and get started with your nail art journey.

NAIL ARTS DONE USING FOILS: In the images below are some of the nail art designs which I created using these foils. Have a look!

  • Travel friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • Can be used for numerous nail art designs
  • Easily available on ebay
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Nail art designs are made in less than 5 minutes
  • None

As I said earlier, these foils are perfect for beginners and are easy to play with. These are easily available and you’ll have fun while working with them. If you are a true nail art lover, I’d highly recommend you to grab these foils and start with your nail art journey.

Have you tried these foils? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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