Quick Chat with AKI NARULA: Lucky Me!!

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Today’s post is little different from my regular posts. I’m so excited in sharing this post with all of you. If you are regular reader of my blog and following me social networks, then you must know that few months ago I went for an event which was by Myntra.com! It was a launch of new clothing collection where in Disney & Anouk collaborated together and came up with amazing apparels. You can check all the event details here.

Also I got an opportunity to meet Aki Narula, the famous Bollywood Fashion Designer and popular for his works in many movies. He is really a sweet heart and very soft spoken. I was the last blogger to interview him and he was so chilled out. I had prepared 5 questions in all to ask him about fashion and about his work. Let us jump on to the questions and see what answers he gave in return; with a smile.

Q1. What is ‘fashion’ according to you?

It’s serious; it’s fun at the same time! I think you should not take fashion in a very flippant way. I think it is big part of our lives and it’s not just about wearing brands, it is about what you put on to your body because that is what attributes to your confidence and your personality weather in a work sphere or in the corporate world or whatever you do. So, don’t take it too lightly but have fun with it.

Q2. Which actor is the best according to you when it comes to outfits and fashion?

I think Kangana Ranauat is fantastic; Alia Bhatt is really good, she has a unique style of her own which is very sporty and fun. As far as boys are concerned I love Ranbir Kapoor.

Q3. What do you think about the concept introduced by Myntra ‘Disney goes Desi’?

I think it’s very cool, it’s very brave and I think that is the way to be because you know we have always associated the ‘Mickey Mouse’ motive as on t-shirts and sweat shirts or more like sovereigns. I think they very intelligently ‘Anouk’ has used the motive like little ‘booties’ on kurtas with low stitches of peacock feathers and they have also done Indian beverage which I think is the biggest market; the target audience is huge. So, I think it’s very clever the whole tie up between Anouk & Disney being sold at Myntra. It’s very sharp!

Q4. From the entire collection of work you have done so far, which one is your all time favourite?

In the last 4-5 years I have really not worked on a collection because I have only being busy with my films. And in terms of films, I think ‘Barfi’ will always be very emotional for me, it is really close to my heart.

Q5. One tip which you would like to give for new talents who wants to enter this field?

Think out of the box; please be original and do not ape anybody. Just ape yourself; be a mirror to yourself and you’ll definitely succeed.

So, this was the awesome conversation I had with Aki Narula and it was so much fun. And I got clicked with him too, yuppiiee!!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did while interviewing and writing it for you. Do share your views in the comments below.

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Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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