Dot & Key Sleeping Masks (3 Products): Review, Swatch

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Today’s blog post is dedicated to skin care and beauty. We all love our skin and it is extremely important to take good care of it.

Recently, on my YouTube channel, I shared a giant Nykaa Hot Pink Sale Haul. In the video, I showed a bunch of masks, which I grabbed from the brand Dot & Key. I got 5 masks in all and a freebie. So, today I decided to talk about the 3 sleeping masks! These are desired to used at bed time, which is just perfect for any skin care to try in order to get the best results.

Let us dig into the products now and let me share my experience with all of you.

Price & Quantity: The price is different for each product. Here are the exact prices for the products mentioned:

  • Dot & Key Skincare Skin Plumping Moisture Infusion Water Sleeping Mask: Rs. 795/- for 60 ml
  • Dot & Key Skincare Night Reset Retinol + Ceramide Sleep Treatment Cream: Rs. 945/- for 60 ml
  • Dot & Key Skincare Glow- C Sleep Mask Vitamin C Overnight Radiance Recovery: Rs. 1095/- for 60 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Availability: Nykaa; Dot & Key

Ingredients: In the image below. You can find the ingredients for the respective products on the packaging.

My experience with Dot & Key Sleeping Masks:

I am going to start with the overall observations here. Look at that packaging!! God! The reason I picked up these many products from this brand is mainly because of their cute and adorable looking packaging. Apart from being cute, these babies are super easy to travel with. The texture and consistency of these are super soft, supple and suitable for all skin types.

Keeping the hygienic point in mind, the products come with an applicator, which is made of good quality plastic and helps you apply the product evenly. Further, for extra protection, teh product is sealed with a lid. The price tag is surely on the expensive side but at the end of the day when you get flawless skin; all this is totally worth it.

Dot & Key Skincare Skin Plumping Moisture Infusion Water Sleeping Mask

This mask is enriched with hydrating hyaluronic, chamomile and Bulgarian rose, which gives you the softest and pump skin ever the very next day. I like to leave it overnight so that it can complete its task in the best way. Thin layer can do wonders to your skin. So, if you want to treat your skin with water based goodness, this mask is for you.

Dot & Key Skincare Night Reset Retinol + Ceramide Sleep Treatment Cream

This mask contains essential vitamins, retinol, ceramides and potent botanicals, which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles from your face. In fact, it also eliminates the dark spots and breakouts from your skin, leaving it pure as rose flower. I too prefer to keep this mask overnight for best results.

Dot & Key Skincare Glow- C Sleep Mask Vitamin C Overnight Radiance Recovery

This mask is loaded with good Vitamin C rich ingredients. It maintains your radiant skin and also words towards unclog pores, breakouts and helps brighten your complexion. Leave this mask overnight and you will be stunned by seeing the results on the vert next day.

Make sure to apply thin layer of the masks or else your skin will be irritated. You can wash your face after the mask dries up but for results, keep it overnight to see the visible results and magic happening to your skin. I highly recommend you to try these masks to fall in love with your skin again.

Swatch: In the image below.


  • Travel friendly
  • Cute packaging
  • Texture
  • Consistency
  • Various variants to choose from
  • Fragrance
  • Availability
  • Hygienic to use
  • Comes with an applicator
  • Leaves your skin plump and soft
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Might be expensive for some (but totally worth buying)

Rating: 4.75/5

Have you tried any of the masks from Dot & Key? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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  1. I really want to try this brand just because of their cute packaging.

    1. You will love the results di... do give this a try

  2. I like how the products are packed. Treat to the eyes. Thanks for the review Kanika. Checking your blog out after a long time. Hope you're all good and safe <3

    1. Thank you for these encouraging words dear.. I’m doing pretty good.. I hope all is well at your end too.. 🥰