5 Must Haves: Basics

Women have always craved for having more clothes. The phrase "I have nothing to wear" has become generally known, even for men. In today's consumer society, there is always need for spending more even on things we don't need. But, believe it or not, style is not something necessarily paired up with deep pockets. Following the right shopping tips everyone can become a real shopping expert.  A woman can spend a million dollar on her outfit, and still not look as well as a woman who bought cleverly few basics without spending more than her daily budget. How is that possible, you might ask? The secret is in having some basic-goes-with-everything clothing pieces, which you can incorporate in every style. Let's see five of those basics.

You rock girl!
Every girl needs that one clothing piece to give her a little spunkiness and spice up her outfit. And when I say spunkiness, I'm referring to rock 'n' roll. There is no true rock 'n' roll outfit without some leather, and the most essential leather piece of all, is without doubt, black leather jacket. The best cut for a leather jacket is fitted and short model. This piece is perfect for fall and spring. You can combine it with a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt or pair it up with a lightweight dress. Not only a black leather jacket is wearable during fall and spring, but it can also be worn, during the day and for an evening look. 

Black is the new black

If someone says to you that black color can be dated, either they are lying to you or to themselves. Black is eternal chic, and the ultimate black classic is, as always, little black dress. Yes, a small number of things in fashion have endured the test of time as LBD which never truly has stepped out from the spotlight. From Chanel to Audrey, iconic women have for a long time favored their figures with this classic piece. The best thing about it: There is a LBD for every woman, regardless of your body shape, style and age. You can choose the cut you like, from A-line to fitted cut. It is also suitable for different occasions, and you can adapt your style to the time of the day or the event, by accessorizing cleverly.

The no-excuses-must-have

There is no woman of the world who can allow herself not to have a single pair of jeans in her wardrobe, from the first lady to the flea market seller. The perfect pair of women skinny jeans is a game-changer when it comes to "what-to-wear tournament". You can pair them up with almost anything, from heels and blazers to sneakers and sweatshirts. The trick is in finding the right pair for your figure. When you are choosing your game-changer, have in mind the cut, the color and material. Before starting to despair if it seems to you as you will never get it right, remember that denim is one of the most versatile garments.

Top-notch top
The all time basic top is a superhero when it comes to saving an outfit. Sometimes you might think that you just can pair up a certain blazer with your favorite pair of shoes, but then your mighty all-time savior is coming to the rescue. No matter if we are talking about shirt or t-shirt, it is what ties all the pieces together. That's why it is important for it to be monochromatic and neutral. With its simplicity, it can tone down and beautify every outfit, while still leaving room for some accessories.

Speaking of…

Many people claim that accessories are what can make or break every clothing combination, and I agree. Women tend to have a lot of accessories, from jewelry to shoes, but they usually don't wear majority of them. So, every fashion-lover should invest in at least one pair of statement accessories, no matter if you are a bag-aficionado or obsessing over shoes. Find a piece or two that suits your personality the most, and flaunt with it whenever you can. Some of the classic accessories are a pearl necklace, a black belt, leather bag, statement necklace, sunglasses, and why not, even wristlet.

The next time you reach for your wallet to buy some unnecessary and currently fashionable item, remember that trends are transient, and style is forever.

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