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To start with let me tell you that I'm a huge and the biggest fan of Shah Rukh Khan. So it is but obvious that I'm a girl with romantic nature. Being a pure Gemini, I believe I'm a true lover (people also think this way) but never mind. To be precise I want to convey my view on how much I love romantic places.

Though I love travelling like anything and literally it is my dream to travel the world, especially the most romantic places of the world; even if I travel these places without any boy friend or husband. Because none of the 2 will be SRK so it would be better if I travel these places alone and fall in love with myself all over again.
So, today in this post I'll be sharing the top 5 most romantic places of this world where I really want to go, travel and experience the meaning of true love again and again and again. Let's proceed!

  • KASHMIR: What is better then to pose in SRK's signature step and love yourself in the icey mountains. I really want to visit this place for sure; at least once in my life. The beautiful hilly and full of ice mountains are so tempting that you just can't stop yourself from hugging your love. Oh my god, this is heavenly beautiful!
  • PARIS: Just look at those lights!! Just too pretty and romantic to handle. This is my second most favourite romantic place to visit. I have heard a lot about this place that it is really romantic and even I want to feel all the romance.
  • KERALA: And for the 3rd destination I want to come back to my place, my India. Kerala is a place which is overloaded with greenery and its indeed too gorgeous. I want to experience this place because I love nature a lot and when I capture nature; it is just in a perfect way. I want to taste every dish here and gulp everything possible. I hope to visit you soon Kerala! 
  • BELGIUM: A place where PK movie got to experience and shoot many romantic scenes between Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput. I'm dying to experience all those fun things the 2 stars had together. Even I want to ride a bicycle in the streets of Bulgaria, isn't it sounds cute? I'm sure even you want to visit with place with your love, right?
  • DARJEELING: Again coming back to India, the final destination where I'd love to go. I have been to Kolkata many times but never went to Darjeeling, but this time when I go to Kolkata, I'll make sure I visit Darjeeling for sure. What about you guys?
So these were my top 5 most romantic destinations where I really want to go. Which place is your favourite from the list above? Do let me know which is the most romantic place according to you? Share in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!
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