BIO CARE Strawberry Scrub: Review + Swatch + Demo

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People always ask me what I do for my skin that it’s so soft and healthy. And I just give them a sweet and big smile. Lol!!! But the truth is I really take care of my skin and I love using all skin care products to make my skin soft and healthy. I use hell lot of products for my skin and the foremost thing is body scrub.

Today I’m going to review Bio Care Strawberry Scrub. Let’s have a look at the product first.

PRICE AND QUANTITY: Rs. 195/- for 500 ml

AVAILABILITY: Nearby market, amazonsnapdealflipkart 

SHELF LIFE: 36 months

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This scrub is a luxurious blend to treat your skin. Blend multi-fruit enzyme to smooth away dull surface cells.
  • Improves skin texture
  • Deep cleanses
  • Exfoliating and clarifying
  • Purifies pores
  • Stimulates healthy circulation
Fine micro-exfoliating particles delicately draw dirt away and impurities. Fresh strawberry fragrance gives you a boost. Gentle enough for daily use.

INGREDIENTS: Refer the image below

  • Mix with a small amount of water on palm of hand
  • Massage lightly onto the skin with a circular motion
  • Rinse off with warm water
MY EXPERIENCE: Basically this scrub is meant for facial purposes, but it can also be used as body scrub as well. I do use it as a body scrub and there are absolutely no complaints as such. The micro-exfoliating particles in it are so fine which doesn’t hurt your skin at all.

Packaging: It comes in a big transparent jar like container with a white cap. On the top and around the jar, you can read about the product in detail. It’s not travel friendly as the jar is very heavy. Plus I didn’t liked the fact that I need to dip in my hand to pour out the product, it sounds unhygienic. I would prefer it to be stored in a large tube packaging.
Texture: It contains micro-exfoliating particles which does not hurt your skin and has super fine texture.
Consistency: It has a running consistency and when applied with some water mixed in it, it performs its job pretty well.
Price: Very much economical. In just 195 bucks, you get 500 ml, that’s pretty much a healthy quantity to have at such affordable price. Worth buying!!! Right???
Fragrance: The minute you’ll open the lip of the product, your smelling sensation is fully loaded with fresh fragrance of strawberries. It smells delicious.
Results: You really require very less amount of this scrub so the product would run for longer period of time. After the usage of this product, you will experience the difference for sure. Don’t worry; the experience would end up with positivity.

The best part about the scrub is you can use it as both facial and body scrub.

SWATCH: Refer to the image below

DEMO: Refer the image below.
  • Wash your hands to make it wet
  • Apply the required product on your hands
  • Add some drops of water
  • Gently massage on it for some time
  • Rinse off with warm/ Luke warm water
  • Economical
  • Leaves your skin soft and healthy
  • Requires less amount of the product, so lasts for long
  • Can be used as facial scrub and body scrub
  • Contains micro-exfoliating particles
  • Particles doesn't hurt your skin
  • Not travel friendly
  • Unhygienic as you need to pour out the product using your hands

    RATINGS: 4/5

FINAL VERDICT: If we look at the price tag, I think you can’t expect more than this. I would recommend this to all those who want their skin to be soft, healthy and hydrated. Thumbs up for me.

Do share your views on this Bio Care Strawberry Scrub in the comments below. Have you tried this product?? If yes, then what is your take on it? If no, will you give it a try???

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money. This post is not sponsored, promotion of the brand or in influence of the brand.

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  1. Looks great! And so budget friendly :)

    1. exactly!! this is the best part of this product.. :D thanks hun

  2. I have used the apricot variant, thats also very nice

    1. that's awesome dear.. will give that a try too.. <3

  3. I have their lavender scrub Nd I love it! These really are great nd the quantity offered is amazing :) Lovely Review dear!!

    1. exactly dear!!! economical n awesome quantity they offer which is amazing... thank you so much dear.. <3