5 Tips to Pick the Perfect Lipstick for You

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I was not able to make my mind to write today's blog as there is a sudden mishappening in my family. I lost a person, whom I was really close from the day I was born. My uncle (real chacha) passed away and it is so hard to say goodbye. I wanted to share this as you are like my extended family.

But as it is said that the show must go on, today I am going to share the tips and tricks, using which picking up the right lipstick for you will be utmost helpful.

Eye colour matters: In India, you will find ladies with either black or brown coloured eyes. But, I am also going to tell you the shades to opt for if you have blue, green, blue or even grey coloured eyes. If you own black eyes, you can go for deep shades like red, purple or even dark maroon. For the brown eyes, browns, light pinks and bright reds would suit the best. Green eyes look best with pink shades only, so if you like pink, it is a bonus for you. Blue eyes complement well with cherry-like shades. And for grey eyes, nudes would be the appropriate pick.

Check your skin tone: Now this is very important to choose the right lipstick according to your skin tone is. There are so many websites out there, which offers you to try the lipsticks on to see which shade looks best on you. But, in my opinion, I would recommend you to buy the lipsticks only by going to the store. The makeup experts would be of great help there. And if you are a pro already, you know what shades are meant just for you.

Hair colour and length: We encounter so many new trends for hair each day. I personally like to get highlights on my hair. It just adds that poppy groove to my overall personality. It depends on what colour you are choosing for your hair and what is the length. For brown hair, go for corals, dusty pinks and beige lipstick shades. For blond hair, you can opt for warm pinks. The shades like cherry, plum, bright pink and scarlet would go well with dark hair.

Lips size plays a vital role: The simple formula here is if you have thin lips, go for glossy shades or even the clear gloss looks classy and chic. On the other side, if you have fuller lips or even a medium lips size, you can play around with deeper and darker shades. It outlines the big lips beautifully, whereas applying such shades on thin lips will squeeze the lips size even more visibly. I personally love deep dark shades and that too in matte finish. You can pick both the glossy and matte genre.

Even the colour of your teeth helps: Trust me, I struggle with this problem each time. If you have slightly yellow teeth, you can choose a variety of shades, only which are light in nature or rosy effect or very basic orange. You need to avoid dark shades for that matter, which includes reds, bright pinks, purples and browns. The good news is for the females out there who own white teeth. You can literally choose any shade from a whole lot of lipsticks. Lucky you!

I really hope you find this post helpful. What is your favourite lipstick shade? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below. Which shade you would like on me? I would love to hear from you.

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