The Kylin Experience, Greater Kailash: Restaurant and Food Review

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Recently, I went to The Kylin Experience restaurant, which was located in GK, New Delhi. Me and one of my closest friend, Anvesha Gupta, went for the tasting session. She has recently started covering food on her YouTube channel (Cinescope Talkies) and this was her first event as a Food Vlogger. Moving on, we tasted some amazing cuisines and drinks at the restaurant. Here I am with the restaurant and food review of The Kylin Experience.

We were humbly welcomed by the staff as we reached. Our table was loaded yummy cuisines instantly. The service in this matter was just perfect. Let me move further and tell you what we ate and drank at the restaurant.

Thai Tom Yum Soup (INR 254 for veg): As we all do, even we started our lunch with the soup. The soup was filled with healthy veggies. Though my friend did not like it, but if you ask me personally, I completely loved it. The taste was good and on top of that, it included all my favorite veggies. The quantity was impressive along with the presentation. The soup arrived in 10 minutes, which was quick. It was smelling and tasting fresh and hot, just like me, you know *wink*. There are 3 more options from the list, we chose to try vegetarian one.

Passion Fruit & Kaffir Lime Margarita (INR 245): I did not taste this. According to Anvesha, she totally loves the mixed tastes on this drink. She was very much impressed with the first sip of this drink. I would also recommend you to try this one when you visit the restaurant.

Aromatic Citruss Fizz (INR 195): This looks damn tempting! Isn't it? Here also, it did not taste this drink. If I go by what Anvesha said, she liked this one as well. The healthy touch in this drink is a plus point and thus, you must try this as well.

Lemongrass Vegetable Spring Roll (INR 295): Next we opt for starters and ordered these spring rolls. Trust me, this dish was my favorite from the lot we ordered. The bowl of these spring rolls were accompanied with a tangy sauce, which tasted just so yummy. We ordered this dish twice and we could even ate up the same thrice because it is that delicious. The chutney with it included some tangy flavors, which was suiting the spring rolls very well. The spring rolls were again loaded with veggies, making it healthy in every manner.

Farmers Market Green Quinoa Salad (INR 595): The plate (as you can see) was the most colorful of all. It included veggies and small bowl of healthy rice. It also included a sauce, which was again holding some tangy flavors. The healthiness in this plate is visible and it tasted good as well.

Kylin Sushi Boat (INR 1695 for veg): Just look at this beauty! We did not order this but the staff insisted us to see this boat. I am glad we took a decision to see this boat. The boat was loaded with 12 pieces of California, 4 pieces of Maki and 4 pieces of Nigiri. We tried their simple Sushi Rolls and those tasted yummy too. There is no doubt in saying that they presented the boat beautifully. You won't even want to mess it up but then if the Sushis are tasty, you need to break the rules.

Dim Sum Platter (INR 595 for veg): Next we opted for this platter which showcased different types of Dim Sums. Each of them was filled heavily with veggies. They have concentrated more on the healthy side and this platter is more than enough for even 3 people. The Dim Sums were nicely cooked and came in a pitara like box.

"Sentosa Bowl" Dan Dan Noodles (INR 595 for non-veg): As I am a pure vegetarian, I did not taste this dish. According to the friend of mine, Anvesha, the bowl contained veggies and of course those tangy flavors.

Fried Ice-cream Spring Roll (INR 295): How we could skip eating an ice-cream? I have never an ice-cream been presented in the most creative way. Ice-cream in a spring roll is an innovative and interesting idea to experiment with. I did not taste it but Anvesha liked it.

Here are the few clicks of the ambiance. The ambiance looks happening and indeed it is. You get the feel of new urban and modern touch. They have beautifully structured the entire restaurant.

Overall, our experience was just amazing. I and my friend had an awesome time in the restaurant. I highly recommend you to visit this happening place with your family and friends.

Rating: 4/5
Address: N 6, First Floor, N Block, Greater Kailash (GK) 1, New Delhi, Greater Kailash 1 (GK1), New Delhi
Timings: 12 Noon to 12 Midnight
Cost: Rs. 1000 for two people (approx)
Phone number: +91 9811459546, 011 49028340

I really hope you enjoyed reading this food review. Have you been to The Kylin Experience? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: Pictures by Cinescope Talkies

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