Fine Glitter Nail Art Decorations: Review, NOTD

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Today I’m going to review a giant set of fine glitters which are one of the types of nail art decorations. Let’s proceed!

Price & quantity: Rs. 150-250 (approximately) for 24 pots

Availability: Buy online on Ebay

Product description: Fine Glitters Nail Art Decorations are one of the types of nail art decorations which can be used by both professionals and beginners. These give you a beautiful and shiny manicure every time you use them.


My experience with Fine Glitters Nail Art Decorations:

Fine Glitters Nail Art Decorations comes in a tiny plastic transparent pot with ring cap. As the packaging is transparent, you can easily identify the color you want to work with. These cuties are budget and travel friendly with no difficulty. It comes in 24 different colors which are amazing; you get an opportunity to play with so many color and create pretty blingy nail art designs.

I really like manicure with glitters and add elegant shine to your nail arts. But there are few disadvantages as well. Firstly, it takes like forever to remove glitter polish so you need to be calm while taking off glitters from your nails. Secondly, it sometimes ends up with a messy nail art. You need to clean all the excess glitters from your nails and also working table. But still if you are working hard to create pretty nail arts then you need to work hard to remove them too. Even if it has few cons, I love this product. The shine these glitters gives your nail arts, none of the nail art decorations can do that. I’d surely recommend this product to all the nail art lovers.

NOTD: These are the nail art designs which I created using Fine Glitters Nail Art Decorations.

prom nails

sand nails


  • Travel friendly

  • Budget friendly

  • 24 different colors

  • Easily available

  • Add bling to your nail arts

  • Easy to use


  • Messy at times

  • Takes forever to remove

Rating: 4/5


Fine Glitters Nail Art Decorations are one of the best nail art decorations if you want to add beautiful shine to your manicures. I’ll recommend this product to all the nail art lovers!

Have you tried Fine Glitters Nail Art Decorations? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. OMG. These look so damn pretty :D And so affordable too!! Thanks for the review dear. Surely checking them out!

  2. thank u so much di.. these look super gorgeous on nails...