5 Reasons Why I Love Coffee

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Today's topic is all about COFFEE! How many of you like coffee? Personally, this is one thing that keeps me going. The people who know me very well knows I can do anything to get that nice hot cup of coffee. I thought to buy a coffee machine as well but that adds up to a lot of time altogether. And that I am occupied with so much work, I won't be able to devote so much time to making coffee in that machine. It might cut off on time investment but the cleaning process of that machine is tedious, ah! Well, that was a lot of insights, right?

Let me take you all on a ride to tell that what are the big 5 reasons why I love coffee so much. Let's go!

The Aroma

It feels extremely amazing when I get that aroma all around. The fragrance is so aromatic that one cannot resist having that hot cup of tea. I prefer having hot coffee that a cold one. Even in summers, I prefer my cafe latte.

The Taste

Of course, the taste is one of the reasons why I love having coffee. To be frank with all of you, I like trying new flavours when it comes to coffee. At present, I love enjoying my freshly brewed hot coffee in vanilla flavour by The Country Bean.

The Stress Buster

While working for long hours during the weekdays, I need something that eliminates my stress at one go. And here enters my hot hot coffee! It is indeed a stress buster for me as that one sip gives me a boost to work more and more and more.

The Companion for Reading

If you know me personally, then you must be aware of the fact that I love reading romance. And when I am reading, I need something to accompany it. For this, I prefer to sit in a corner of my house with a romantic novel and a cup of hot coffee. I keep sipping in between and that adds a beautiful flavour to the entire setting.

The Perfect Romance Starter

Whenever I have a little fight with my life partner, I always prefer to prepare 2 cups of coffee and sit back together to enjoy it. And there is love in the air! Does not that sound romantic? In real life, it is. So, even you can try this with your spouse/loves ones.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. Do let me in the comments below your reasons if you love coffee along with your views and experiences.

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