5 Essential Pre-Holi Skincare Tips

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Today's post is dedicated to skin care only. Holi 2021 is around the corner and I am sure the preparations for the colorful gifts has already started at your end. I was just sitting and thinking how you can take care of your skin so that there is no compromise to make when it comes to enjoying the festival of colors. And that is what I am going to discuss today. I will be sharing 5 pro tips that you can follow to keep your skin healthy and protected.

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Get your skin oil ready

This tip is ancient and widely followed. When you are planning to go out to play Holi, apply organic essential oil and here you are ready to rock. Along with oiling your skin, you can also oil your hair. If you want your skin to be hydrated and moisturized even after the Holi party is over, I would suggest you to go for coconut oil. It is easily avaalble and pocket friendly as well.

Ice cube massage for your skin

Ice cubes help closing your pores, thus, the color won't stick to your skin. If you want to follow this skincare tip for Holi 2021, make sure you rub the cubes for at least good 10-15 minutes. The color then won't penetrate your skin. You will be able to enjoy Holi 2021 like a pro. I know this might sound weird but I would recommend you to try this. You can thank me later! ✌

Petroleum jelly to the rescue

Now, if you are someone who is looking for an affordable pick, this point is valid for you. Applying petroleum jelly all over your skin will help the colors to stay away from you. The oh-so-not good colors can go crazy at times and at this point, the magical petroleum jelly comes to the rescue. And believe me, I have tried this so it is a sure shot thing to try out.

Nails, let's paint them

When you play Holi, colors tend to peep inside your nails like a monster. In order to overcome this challenge, the best hack is to apply naill polish on all your nails. You can easily work afterwards to protect your nails by simply removing the product with the help of nail polish remover. This is one trick that I guess every girl (including me) follows. 😜

Moisturizer or sun screen, both will work

To keep your skin plumpy, happy, moisturized and hydrated, it is extremely important for you to apply either a good cream or sun screen lotion. This is because you will be playing Holi in the bright sunlight and you do not want to go tan at any cost. If you apply both, it will be super awesome but there is no hard and fast rule. Also, drink ample water throughout the day to give energy to your skin.

I hope this post would be of some help to you. Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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