Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Salt & Cumin Sandwich

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It has been way too much time since I have shared anything related to food on my blog. So, today I thought why not to share a quick and healthy breakfast recipe with all of you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it has to be filling so that you are able to survive all day long on small meals rather than eating heavy throughout the day and nothing on the breakfast table.

The go to breakfast meal is bread, right? But is it fine to have a slice of bread without any healthy touch to it and that too each and every day? Let me share something healthy in this matter.

Recipe: Salt & Cumin Sandwich

Time: 10 minutes
Ideal for: 1 person


  1. Bread (brown/white/milk/multigrain/sandwich breads)
  2. Ghee / Clarified butter (1-2 tea spoons)
  3. Salt - as per taste
  4. Red chilli powder / Laal mirchi - as per taste
  5. Roasted cumin (jeera) powder - as per taste


  1. Take a pan and put on the stove flame.
  2. Once it is slightly hot, then toast the bread as you like it by applying ghee (clarified butter) on both slides. I have used multigrain bread here as it is healthy in nature.
  3. Switch off the flame and transfer the toasted breads on to the plate.
  4. Now, sprinkle salt, red chilli (laal mirchi) powder and cumin (jeera) powder as per your taste on the bread.
  5. The sandwich is ready to be served.
And here is what the sandwich looks like.

I know it does not that good but it tastes yummy and way too healthy. Also, do follow me on Instagram HERE as I am going to share this recipe video there. And by the time you read this post, the video will already be up. So, you better follow me now! 😉

Do share your views in the comments below about this simple, quick and healthy breakfast recipe idea. Also, do share your go to breakfast recipes in the comments as well, I would love to try your recommended recipes as well.

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