Dr. Bubbles Chai Specialist: Food Review

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Today, I am going to review a new concept, which has been initiated by Dr. Bubbles. Recently, I got an opportunity to review their outlet, based in Gurugram. So, I took my family for a fun evening yesterday and as it was Sunday, the day spent well. Let's get to know about the outlet and what I tasted there.

Firstly, I would like to share my experience with the staff and how I felt about the outlet. So, the outlet in Gurugram is like a cute tiny space, where you can enjoy having on the go drinks with your family and friends. It provides take away system as well so if you are in a hurry, your bill will be ready in no time. Secondly, I was impressed by the cuteness of the venue. The ambiance is really adorable that you would like to leave the space. Thirdly, what I felt about the staff was, though they were courteous with me and my family but I was disappointed of the fact that they were not well read about the ingredients mentioned in a tea or coffee. To be precise, they were not aware of all the dishes and drinks in detail but yes some of the seniors did entertained my questions there.

The location is reachable and it is situated at a very upper class area as well. The only turn off I felt was there was nothing in snacks. Though they have originality of the brand and all the things were good but still there should be some eatables as well that we can enjoy with our sweet tooth. This was all about the outlet and now let me tell you what I had and how all the products actually tasted.


This was for  160 bucks. Though the tag says chocolate overload but sorry to convey that it was not. It did contained milk chocolate, white and normal chocolates and the taste was amazing as well, but it will surely turn off the mood of the people who really loves chocolate. Here, my brother was not satisfied with it, not because of no taste but only because of it was not a chocolate overload. Other than this, the waffles tasted way too yummy.


This was ordered by me and it costs for 60 bucks. They make their customized powder for every tea and coffee flavors. I was in love with this one as soon as I sipped in the first sip. The flavor is way too nice and aromatic. Though it contained little sugar, which I asked not to pour in but because it is already included in the powder, the staff can't help it either. Overall, I was happy with the taste.


I love pancakes a lot and when I saw this new addition to the menu, I couldn't resist myself by ordering it. By the way, this costs for 90 bucks. One thing you need to note is that this is a new addition to their menu so might not find it in their menu, make sure you find it out when ordering online. Coming to the taste of these pancakes, they were creamy and the strawberry flavor was intact. They garnished it with jam and cream and some chocolate chips, which enhanced the taste overall. It was giving the tangy flavor and the sweetness of other ingredients were a treat to my sweet tooth.


It costs for 60 rupees and this was ordered by my bhabhi. She really loved the customized powder they used to prepared this tea. It was fresh and aromatic to the core. The slightly added sugar completed it and it did not required more sugar to be added.


This original concept of the brand costs for 140 bucks (small size) and 160 bucks (large size). We ordered the large size because we were so fascinated about it. They included their flavored bubbles in it, which made the drink really authentic. I am not really sure which flavor they used and as were so engraved in tasting that drink, I forgot to even ask that. The taste was refreshing and just too perfect for anyone out there.


This was the last one in the list and it costed for again 160 bucks. More than the first one, I personally loved this one. It was truly loaded with nutella and garnished with chocolate chips. It tasted way too amazing and that crunchiness was very new to me. To be frank, this was the first time I tasted waffles and I am truly impressed by the new concept.

Overall, my experience was amazing and I would love to recommend you to visit this place for sure. I love their original concept and you should definitely try this.


Shop 148, Main Market, Sector 31, Gurgaon

Phone numbers: 0124 4154848, +91 7011700206

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Everything looks so yummy and well presented. Seems you really enjoyed with your family.

  2. OMG! Such a yummy post, I am really tempted now...

  3. Oh my god..u got all my weakness together and I cant resist myself...want to grab everything for myself..

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