'A Ticket to Syria: A Story about the ISIS in Maldives' by Shirish Thorat: Book Review

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You know I love reading but from past few months, I was unable to pay any attention to the love of reading I own. Well! I am not listing the issues here, in fact this post will be a book review, a book which I read recently. It is a thriller written by Shirish Thorat. Let us together dig into this book review right away.


Author: Shirish Thorat

Price: Rs. 399/-

Where To Buy: Amazon

My take on the book 'A Ticket to Syria: A Story about the ISIS in Maldives':

The book is said to be a thriller but for me I was not satisfied. Though I love reading romance more but a read for this book was not a bad idea. It was an enjoyable read for me but for some, it might be a task. The book is written in a way that you need to flip pages back and forth to get the exact understanding of the situations pen down by the author.

Author Shirish Thorat used words which are not reader friendly. Like, as a beginner if you read this book, you would also require a dictionary to look up the meaning for words you are unable to understand. I always use simple languages when writing any story, poem or novel. And that is the way it should be, I guess. Making a book reader friendly is important if you want more readers to grab a copy of your book.

The story is about Sameer Ibraheem, who is a doctor by profession. He visits Maldives to find his family. He struggles to unite back with his family and the story beautifully portrays his hard work done for the same. He gives his blood and power to know about his family. The struggle by the author is written in the best way possible. If you love reading thriller and journeys, then you will too love reading about the hardships he went through.

The story gets boring in between but you won't feel neglected. The plot of the story is obviously known while reading, so there is no suspense you can expect from the story. Overall, it is a good read but for 399 bucks, I wanted to read something good or you can say better than this. But, you can give it a shot as every reader's opinion will be different.

Rating: 3.75/5

I really hope you enjoyed reading my review on the book 'A Ticket to Syria: A Story about the ISIS in Maldives'. Have you read it? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: This book has been sent by the PR of 'A Ticket to Syria: A Story about the ISIS in Maldives' for the review purposes, but the review shared is my own.

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