'Tamanna' by Tejeshwar Singh: Book Review

By Ila Garg

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It’s absolutely great to be on Kanika’s blog. The way she handles her blog is inspiring and thus, I am continuing my association with this superb blog — Her Creative Palace. So, readers I recently read this book called Tamanna by Tejeshwar Singh.

Book: Tamanna

Author:Tejeshwar Singh

Price: Rs. 129/-

Where To Buy: Amazon

My take on the book ‘Tamanna’:

Tamanna, a novel by Tejeshwar Singh, is published by FingerPrint Publication. The cover shows a girl who seems to have an independent streak. It speaks volumes about the plot of the book and manages to attract the readers. The sub-title ‘a true story of forbidden love’ does raise several questions in the mind of a prospective reader.

So what exactly happens when a married man comes face to face with a wonderful woman in all respects? Well, Tamanna is a story reflecting this side of encounter – a forbidden arena – a love that is a taboo in our society!

A married man and a doting father, Arjun meets this crazy, fun to be with, amazing woman, Tamannaat a dinner party and instantly falls for her. The author has given real details of this forbidden love and how Arjun dealt with these emotions and turmoil, how he curbed them. Tamanna too is a married woman with a child. Dinners between both the families and some friends become a regular affair soon. His friends persuade him that it’s only lust but gradually Arjun realises that it’s pure love. It’s almost like a confession!

The story moves in a flow and nowhere will a reader feel any disconnect. It’s so well-written that once you pick up, you cannot keep it down without finishing it off. I found it quite engaging. The subject is tackled beautifully by the skillful author.It seems a real account, in fact. The language is easy to comprehend. However, some parts seem repetitive marring the reader-interest.

How Arjun met Tamanna, how he discovered his true feelings for her, how he tried confessing his love for her, was he able to tell her about his feelings, did his wife find out about this forbidden love, will Tamanna understand if Arjun comes out clean in front of her are some of the many reasons why you will keep turning the pages to find out what happens inTamanna. Another reason that would keep you glued to this book would be the fact that the blurb states the book is inspired by author’s life.

Further, this 240page book is good enough to expose the different set of emotions that a married man goes through when tangled in a situation like this. What makes it stands out is the realistic approach that the author took in narrating the entire episode. However, the characterization could have been better; it looks very stagnant. It’s a light read and overall a compelling book.

Rating: 3.5/5

I really hope you enjoyed reading my review on the book ‘Tamanna’. Have you read it? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. hey Kanika. This is Tejeshwar Singh, author of TAMANNA. Just discovered your review for my book. Ohhh God, how did i miss this one? Thanks so much for writing a thoughtful earnest review. Do well in life and stay happy always.