Swiss Beauty Terra Cotta Blush: Review, Swatch, FOTD

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Being a makeup lover, it is very strange to say that I never use bronze or blush. I know it is strange because without these 2 products your makeup is incomplete. On that note, I grabbed one bronze few months back which can be used as blusher, bronzer or highlighter.

Price & quantity: I really don’t remember the price but it was between the range of Rs. 300 – Rs. 400/- for 10g

Shelf life: 3 years

Availability: Not easily available so you need to struggle a bit.

Product description: Swiss Beauty Terra Cotta Blush is 3 in 1 product which can be used as bronzer, blusher or highlighter. It adds glow to your skin and gives your makeup the finishing touch.

Ingredients: In the image below.
How to use: Take a fluffy brush and apply some product on it. Now use it as a blusher, bronzer or highlighter.

My experience with Swiss Beauty Terra Cotta Blush:

Swiss Beauty Terra Cotta Blush comes in a front open cardboard box packaging on which all the product details are written. Further the product is been stored inside a round container with flip top cap and glass in between to identify the shade. It has a smooth texture on application with glow and shine. The packaging is travel friendly and fits into your handbag perfectly. There are many colors of this product including gold, brown and white.

I never used to apply any bronzer, highlighter or blush. But when I came across this product, it attracted me with its shimmers and amazing colors. I must say that I don’t need any other product if I have this cutie. It works amazingly and can be used in 3 different manners. This product can be used as bronzer, blusher and highlighter. And if you choose to apply this on your face, you don’t need anything else. Though the product is not easily available; it’s one of the local brands. And being a product from local brand, I think it is expensive. But if you find it, go ahead and buy!

Swatch: In the images below.




  • Travel friendly

  • Smooth texture

  • Can be used as highlighter, blusher or bronzer

  • Gives professionally done makeup look

  • Completes your look and makeup

  • Easy to use

  • Beautiful shades all together


  • Not easily available

  • Expensive

Rating: 4/5

Swiss Beauty Terra Cotta Blush is a product which performs 3 jobs together. It can be used as bronzer, blusher and highlighter. It is a must have product for those who doesn’t want to waste their money on 3 different products when they are getting all the 3 benefits in one product.

Have you tried Swiss Beauty Terra Cotta Blush? Do share your view and experiences in the comments below.

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