Vega Lip Filler Makeup Brush: Review, LOTD

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We do take a lot of care of our hair and clothes but at the same time makeup as well. When you enter the world of makeup, it is important to choose the right makeup brushes to give you a professional look. We buy big and fluffy brushes for our face but when it comes to lips, we simply ignore. So, today I shall be reviewing Vega Lip Filler Makeup Brush!

Price: Rs. 70/-

Shelf life: Not mentioned

Availability: Buy online on Amazon

Product description: Vega Lip Filler is an ideal accompaniment to lipsticks and lip colors. It is perfect for detailing along the lips and applying the color evenly and consistently.

How to use: Dip the brush into the lip color; start applying it from the corners of the lips to line them and fill it in.

My experience with Vega Lip Filler Makeup Brush:

Vega Lip Filler Makeup Brush comes in a plastic packaging with a long cardboard as a base inside it on which the brush rests. On the back side of cardboard base all the product details are written. The brush is travel and budget friendly. The brush tip is made beautifully which covers your lips perfectly.

Accidently, I broke one of my lipstick's bullet and I was wondering how to use my favorite lip shade now. But I found this lip filler brush from my local cosmetics shop. I was scared of using it and thought it won’t work but I was completely wrong. It gave my lips such a pretty coverage (you can see that in the image below). And now I’m satisfied with this brush! To make it hygienic I need to wash it on daily basis but I am ok with it as the results are amazing. Lip brush smoothens out the shade and looks professional. Also the lip shades doesn’t look or feel heavy on lips.

I’d highly recommend this budget friendly lip brush to all of you beauties to get pretty, fluffier and professionally done lips.

LOTD: Look how amazingly it has filled my lips!


  • Travel friendly

  • Budget friendly

  • Easy to use

  • Smoothens the texture

  • Lip shades are not heavy on lips when applied with this brush

  • Perfect for beginners

  • Gives a professional look

  • Can be used with all types of lip shades


  • None

Rating: 5/5

Vega Lip Filler Makeup Brush is a travel and budget friendly product which gives professionally done lips to you. Highly recommended!!

Have you tried Vega Lip filler Makeup Brush? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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