Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip balm: Review, Swatch, FOTD

By Samia Arshan

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It is my first time writing for HCP and I'm having goosebumps all over! So, I came across an amazing product that I'd love to review on the blog for you all, it is the Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip balm.

Himalaya is like a legacy. I think we've all used products from the brand once in our life and loved them. Well, it certainly brings back memories for me. Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip balm is not like the rest, claiming to be 100% natural is every aspect, it is surely hard to compete with. Without further ado, let's get started with the review!

Price: Rs. 125 for 4.5 grams

Shelf Life: 2 years

Availability: Available on Amazon and other makeup outlets.

Product Description: Shine with Himalaya Herbal's natural glossy Peach Shine Lip Care. Our luxurious lip balms not only taste good, but also moisturizes your lips to keep them soft and supple. The moisture retention formula with the skin soothers makes your lips naturally glossy while antioxidants and natural nutrients care for your lips by protecting them from environmental damage.

Ingredients: Not mentioned

My Experience with Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip Balm:

Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip balm comes in a peach colored packaging. I actually chose this lip balm as I had never tried a lip balm which tastes like peaches despite them being my favorite fruit. So, I picked this one up and tossed it in my cart! The bullet it comes in is peach colored and has quite a glossy cap.

The packaging says it has 100% natural colors and natural vitamin E oil. The retractable mechanism of the lip balms makes it easy to twist it up and down and saves the mess created when you have to dip your fingers in case of a tub container packaging. The bottom is transparent and looks very unique.

The scent is oh-so-fruity. This is probably the only lip balm that smells so, so good. It has the yummy, delicious smell of peaches and the warm orangey color. However, the color does not show up on my lips, it might do so if you have pale ones. The formula of this lip balm is quite hydrating and moisturizing. 

Alas, the scent only lingers on for a very short time. I'm really having a hard time believing that these lip balms are not all over the internet when they definitely should be. Moving on to the pigmentation, The lip balm is not tinted as such, it does have a natural coral color and shine that it adds to the lips but none that would make you drool. 

Swatch: In the image below.


FOTD: In the image below.

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  • Travel Friendly

  • Super moisturizing 

  • Hydrating

  • Delicious Scent

  • Adds a glossy shine

  • Hygienic packaging

  • Easily Available

  • Affordable


  • Not tinted

Rating: 4.5/5

Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip Balm has a lot to offer, from great moisturization to the yummy scent. At such a low price, it is almost a bargain. Needless to say, it is my current favorite! I would definitely recommend it to all the lip balm hoarders and everyone who'd love to try out a new lip balm. Will I repurchase this? YES. I definitely will.

Kanika: Have you tried Himalaya Herbals Peach Shine Lip Balm? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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