Lakme Lip Love Lip Balm STRAWBERRY: Review, Swatch, LOTD

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Today’s post is related to skin care and you much I love talking about the same. Today I will be talking about a lip balm, which I loved using for many months now. It is about to finish and then I will be trying more lip balms, yuppie. I love keeping my lips moisturized. Well! Let’s see if this baby has impressed me or not. Let’s jump on the review now.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 200/- for 3.8 grams

Shelf Life: 24 months

Availability: Buy online on Amazon

Product Description: Fall in love with Lakme Lip Love!

  • Luxurious creamy core that moisturizes your lips

  • Swirl of color for a hint of tint

  • SPF 15 helps protect from sun damage

Ingredients: Not mentioned

My experience with Lakme Lip Love Lip Balm Strawberry:

Lakme Lip Love Lip Balm Strawberry comes in a plastic packaging with a transparent cylindrical cap. This cylindrical shaped lippie is color coded, which is a plus point from my side. It has a twisted bottom so that you can pump up the product to use. The packaging is sturdy, cute and travel friendly. It smells like strawberry and tastes like too. If you move further, you will see that in between the color, there is small dot, which is a creamy core. This portion of the lip balm provides you with hydration and the outer ring gives a hint of color to your lips.

Adding to the packaging, it is further packed inside a cardboard packaging, on which all the product details are written. I am little off to know that they didn’t mentioned the ingredients. And even if they did, I can’t see it. Coming back to the review, I use this lip balm thrice a day. It does moisturize my lips and I can’t see any color. I wish it was pigmented enough so that I could try and skip applying lipsticks but this one is goof hydration. You would also require touch-ups if you want your lips to shine with this lip balm 24X7.

It features smooth texture and lasts for about 1-2 hours depending upon what and how much you are eating. Plus, I am also not satisfied with the price tag it features. The ideal tag should be around 100 bucks because it is not worth spending 200 rupees on this, according to me. There are few cons for this product but overall, it is a nice product to try.

Swatch: On my hand





  • Travel friendly

  • Cute packaging

  • Hydration

  • Creamy core

  • Availability

  • Smooth texture


  • Need re-application

  • Poor staying power

  • No hint of color on lips

  • Expensive

Rating: 2.75/5

Lakme Lip Love Lip Balm Straberry is a decent product to try but holds a lot of negative points. If you are looking something hydrating for your lips, then go for it. Otherwise, I would suggest not to waste your money on this product.

Have you tried Lakme Lip Love Lip Balm Stawberry? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.


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