MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil: 5 Months Journey + Before & After Pictures

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As you all know, I’m using MABH herbals fast growth hair oil from past 5 months. And today I’m sharing my 5 months hair growth journey. I had already shared my One month (here) and 2 months journey (here) before on the blog.

Here is my hair condition before using MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil in the image below.
I really hated my hair texture before as my hairs were very light, dull and thin. And as I read many positive review about this oil, I thought to give it a try. 
Below are the results after one month of this hair oil usage.

After one month of its usage, I could feel some heaviness in my hairs and added more shine too. There was some hair growth too which I noticed and I thought again to use this oil further to test the results.

After 2nd month, the results are shown in the image below.

The results remained positive even after 2 months of its usage. 
My hair oil bottle got finished after 2 months and then I had to wait for the oil to arrive. Though I had little bit and applied it once a week. 
And immediately, I ordered one bottle of the oil and Lancy was sweet enough to send me a sample for Hair Growth challenge. 
As soon as I received it, I started on with applying it and experiencing the differences. 

Here are the results after 5 months of its usage. 

And I'm in love with my hairs again. In between I had a hair cut so hair growth is not that much but with continuous use, I'm sure they'll grow quickly. Also I had experienced hair chalk at Geetanjili Salon and blow dryers a lot so that did some harm to my hairs too. 
But now, I'm not going to experiment anything. And from past 20 days, I'm using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition: Shampoo & Conditioner and it has shown great results too. 

I'll be back next month with 6 months hair growth journey, so keep a watch out!
Do share your views and experiences in the comments below, have you tried MABH Herbals Fast Growth Hair Oil?

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.


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