Gia Bath & Body Works- Chocolate Body Polishing Scrub: Review + How to use

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing great.

Today I am going to review and will show how to use Gia Bath & Body Works chocolate body polishing scrub. You must be aware of this brand and I totally love its products. 
The word 'chocolate' is so attractive here that every girl would love to try this stuff for sure. I know that chocolate is every girl's favorite thing, heheheh, right? And believe me, the smell of this scrub is amazingly chocolaty. I have never used any body polishing scrub but I think this is the right choice. :D

As per for this product, I received it as a gift along with other goodies as well when I won the giveaway hosted by Ritu Ragput from The Indian Beauty Blog. So I have many other stuff that I am going to review very soon on my future blog posts, do check them out as well. :D ^_^

GIA BATH & BODY WORKS IN BRIEF: Its a brand committed in making handcrafted luxurious treats to pamper your skin. They make skin care products by carefully choosing the ingredients and creating attractive body treats with unique designs and textures. The products include are soaps, body butters, body scrub, fragrances/ essential oils, etc. The products doesn't contain any harmful chemicals or fillers to bulk out products. 

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Its a body polishing scrub in chocolate. It leaves your skin very smooth and well nourished after its use. The fragrance of chocolate is very attractive and so strong that you will fall in love with it. I am totally loving this scrub and I know you also going to love it. Plus the quantity is healthy and will last longer as you don't need much of the product on your skin. The scrub is gentle and suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
PS: I have sensitive skin, so perfect for me. Yuppiiee! :D

INGREDIENTS: Raw cane sugar, jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and fragrance.

  • Wet your skin.
  • Apply this scrub (as required).
  • Massage for at least 10 minutes in a circular motion.
  •  Wash off any leftover sugar granules.
  • Take a final rinse.
As for the demo, I applied just on my hand. :D And here I have applied henna on my hands, hehehheh. :p

PACKAGING: The packaging has been kept very simple and elegant yet attractive. The body scrub is been kept inside this white plastic container (in the image below). For more protection the product is been covered by a plastic butter paper which is then sealed by the main cap of the container. On the cap, you could see the logo of the company with some necessary details about the product and directions to use.

QUANTITY: 200 grams

PRICE: INR-Rs. 450 ($7.49 approximately)

  • Chocolaty fragrance is very attractive.
  • Leaves your skin very smooth and nourished.
  • Keeps your skin hydrated as it contains Avocado oil.
  • Natural cane sugar contains Alpha Hydroxy acid that dissolves dead skin.
  • Jojoba oil and cocoa butter leaves your skin moisturized and smooth.
  • Quantity is healthy.
  • No harmful chemicals are been added to the product.
  • Very easy and simple to use.
  • Perfect for almost all skin types.
  • It will keep your skin healthy and soft.
CONS: None. :D


MY SUGGESTIONS: I think it is just perfect. As I have sensitive skin, this scrub is perfect for me. And also for all other pretty ladies like you. The best part is its chocolaty fragrance that I have mentioned several times in this post. You should give it a try for sure once because then you will fall in love with it. :D Well! I am in love with it. As every girl loves chocolate, so I do. :D ^_^ <3 :p

Do share your views on this body polishing scrub in the comments below. 
Have you tried it? If yes, then what is your take on this product? If not, 
will you give it a try?

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I got this product in a gift mail that I won in one of the blog posts from The Indian Beauty Blog hosted by Ritu Rajput. 

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  1. 5/5 seems very good!!! I have never tried anything from gia..I really want to now!!
    Nice blog Kanika..
    Do visit mine:

    1. Yes dear the products are really nice... do try them once.. n u will love it... thanks a lot for your lovely compliments. ... n I m a regular reader of your blog.. love reading them ^_^

  2. Wow...seems to be an awesome body scrub...I will surely give it a try...thx for this lovely review have a great blog...would you like to follow each let me know...stay connected doll....:-)

    1. you should try it once dear..u will love it,..and thanks a lot for your lovely compliments.. m glad u liked it... and i have subscribed to your blog dear... you have an amazing blog.. too... and don't worry i will always be connected.. <3 xoxo

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  3. This is impressive...I would love to try their products.

    1. glad u liked it.. dear.. do try their products.. <3 ^_^