Foil Glamorous Nail Art: Design & Tutorial

Hello everyone! I hope you all doing great.

I am back with another fun, easy and simple nail art design. 
This nail art design requires more of nail art decorations, so in short, its super easy to create. And I am in love with this nail art design that I created. 

Lets have a look at the finished design first. :D

Isn't it super sexy? :D ^_^

As for the design, I used big stones from the website called Born Pretty Store. I know you must be aware of this site. The site has wide variety of nail art products plus fashion and makeup as well. The foils in gold and silver and the small multi-colored stones are from Ebay

Lets jump on to the video tutorial of this nail art now. :D

I really hope you must have enjoyed the video.

And now its time for the pictorial. Yay!!! :D ^_^


  • Apply your base coat first.
  • Apply two thin coats of black polish.
  • Apply a layer of stop drying top coat.
  • Now apply foil flakes in gold and silver randomly.
  • Apply some nail glue and place the big stone in between the nail (on thumb and ring finger).
  • Now outline the big stone with multi-colored tiny stones.
  • Apply a layer of top coat.
  • Now your nails are done.

I had placed the big stones only on thumb and ring finger, you can place them as you want. 

TIP: I applied two layers of top coat so that all the decorations are intact for a longer period of time.

I really hope this pictorial might helped you in achieving this nail art design. If you decide to give this nail art a try then do share your recreations with me on social networks using #kannucreative or #kannu_creative. I would love to see them. ^_^

Now some pictures of the finished look. :D

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I got the big stones as a gift from BornPrettyStore. I purchased the tiny multi-colored rhinestones and the foils with my own money. 

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  1. Its lovely do you do these so easily?

    1. thank u so much dear.. i am glad you liked it.. hehehe.. its nothing special dear.. as it is said practice makes a man perfect... its been 2 n a half years i started with nail art... n i am very bad at makeup.. <3 learning from beauties like you ^_^

  2. m useless at nail art.. very nicely done Kanika.. :)

    1. Hehehee. .. same here with makeup... but thanks a lot dear.. glad you liked it ^_^ tfr

  3. Wow... I just love it. .. good job.. kajal here

    1. Thanks a lot Kajal... m so happy that u liked it ^_^

  4. Very creative Idea! Loved your nail art :)

  5. Beautiful :)
    Added you via GFC, do add me back :)

    1. thank you so much dear... glad you liked it...
      added you back hun.. you have an amazing blog.. stay blessed <3

  6. Lovely!! I am no good at nail art :(

    1. thank u darling... well its same for me in the makeup department... with practice you can do great hun... <3 ^_^