Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Nail Enamel - NUTTY LOVE (97): Review + Swatches

Hello everyone! I hope you all doing great.

Today I am going to review a nail enamel from another brand called as LOTUS HERBALS. In January I bought two nail enamels from their website and wanted to share my review on it with all of you. So finally, here I am. :p
Today I will be talking about only one nail enamel, but I promise very soon I will review the other nail enamel as well on my blog. 

As you all know I just love black color, but this time I changed my mind and bought two different shades of nail enamels. :D I am kinda feeling proud. Heehheheheheh..!!
So lets have a look at the product. ^_^

The nail enamel code: 

LOTUS HERBALS IN BRIEF: Lotus Herbals is a cosmetics brand which holds many different types of cosmetics for eyes, nails, face, etc. It holds its own website which is loaded with fashionable cosmetics. Besides its own world, it also exists in other fashion websites where you can buy its products. You can find this brand on healthkartmyntrahomeshop18flipkart and jabong.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: The nail enamel is made up of various nice ingredients. The texture of this particular nail enamel is really smooth. It just needs two thin coats and your nails are done.

BRUSH APPLICATION: It has a thin brush but the interesting thing is, you do not have to struggle a lot and load the brush with the nail enamel again and again. The brush gives a perfect finish to your nails. :D ^_^

PACKAGING: The look of the packaging has been kept really nice, simple, elegant and cute. It is really catchy to your eyes. Plus this nail enamel is very handy and you can carry it anywhere with you. :D


PRICE: INR-Rs. 110 ($1.8)

SWATCHES: Lets take a look at the swatches. I love this part of writing a blog. :D ^_^

Here I have applied two coats and I loved it. :D Especially the texture of the nail enamel, very smooth. :p

I decided to apply a layer of top coat as well and share it with you. So here is the picture down below. ^_^

I don't think it has made any difference except it will keep your nails healthy and protective.

  • The texture is very smooth.
  • Dries in 1-2 minutes.
  • Brush applicator is thin and soft.
  • You don't have to struggle by loading the brush again and again.
  • The brush gives complete coverage to your nails at one stroke.
  • With 2 coats, your nails get the perfect shade of the nail enamel.
  • Perfect for nail art studios or for home use.
  •  If the shade is lighter, than you need to apply 3-4 coats.
MY SUGGESTIONS: I loved the fact it dries fast and gives a smooth and sleek finish to your nails. Plus the brush applicator is really up to the mark. The texture of the nail enamel is too very soft. And if you apply a layer of top coat, then it would add a little more shine, otherwise, it won't make any much difference.

RATING: 4.25/5

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day loves. ^_^ :D :* 

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