7 Things a Girl Must Carry when Travelling!

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I am a fan of solo travelling and made a list as well to visit all by myself. As I was engraved with this thought, I was making a list of items a girl would need when travelling. That was the time I thought to pen this post down for all of you. Let me kick start with the list without wasting any time further.

Backpack: No matter if you are travelling alone or with a gang or your family, a backpack always come handy. You can dump every needed item in this backpack and you are good to go. Whenever you feel of using any item, you have everything under your nose. This is the best option to opt when you are travelling for 1-2 days as you can pack your clothes in this backpack as well.

Small Makeup Bag: If you are someone who does not like to put a lot of makeup like me, then this would be helpful for you. Pack your tiny bottles of skin care and makeup products in a small pouch. You can organise the same in your giant handbag or the comfort of your trolly bag.

Menstrual Cup/Sanitary Pads: This is a well organised thing that when you would be down but at times, urgency may call for you. At that point of time, you need such things by your side. For this, you can include a cute and tiny pouch, you are all set.

Power Bank: Going to capture every moment of your travelling? Then a power bank is a must for you. If you are going to carry your professional camera, make sure to carry extra batteries. But if your mobile phone is going to your bestie, then power bank can save your day.

Comfortable Footwear: This is extremely important thing to carry for your girls when travelling. You want to make sure that you are enjoying every bit of your tour but not in those heavy, spiky and uncomfortable footwear. In my opinion, you must carry running shoes. These work just best for you when travelling.

Things for your Protection: Yes, this is needed, no matter to which place you are going and how much safer that place is for women. You must carry a bottle of pepper spray and red chilli powder spray as these can protect you at the need of an hour. You can also carry a pair of scissors, knife and nail cutter to be on a safe side. I do carry!

Book: If you love travelling, I can’t imagine that you don’t like reading. I always carry a romantic novel with me when travelling. This makes good use of your travelling time. You can grab anything to read that you would love enjoy.

I really hope you find this post helpful. Do let me know in the comments below what you prefer including while travelling as a female.

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