‘World’s Best Boyfriend’ by Durjoy Datta: Book Review

Hey guys! I hope you all are doing great and thank you for stopping by. Today I am going to review a book for you. I know it has been really long since I posted any such posts. But recently I again started with reading romance and I can’t wait to share the same with all of you.

Book: World’s Best Boyfriend

Author: Durjoy Datta

Price: Rs. 175/-

Where to Buy: Amazon

My take on the book ‘World’s Best Boyfriend’ by Durjoy Datta:

Firstly, if you see the cover page, the word Worst has been replaced with Best. This was a very tricky thing to be done on the behalf of the author. This one gesture revolves around the entire story.

This story is about Dhruv and Aranya, the love birds. They both had a rough start to their respective lives and the same never came on track. Dhruv’s father was an alcoholic and he only experienced fights between his parents all childhood. On the other hand, Aranya had a skin disease. She was always the talk of the town for not at all good.

They both met in school and evolved liking for each other. Dhruv loved Aranya all his life, no matter in which life department he lives. But Aranya had to concentrate on her career as her parents were particular to get her scholarships in school, college and whatnot.

Once both of them caught kissing, their parents were called. Aranya was beaten up by her father black and blue in front of everyone. To save herself, her future and her family, she lied about kissing Dhruv. From that very moment, they started hating each other. Aranya received many awards as she became one of the popular debaters. Dhruv was as always broken from inside.

They encountered again when they accidentally got enrolled in the same engineering college. They loved and hated each other at the same time. They slept with each other and talked about taking revenge the next very moment. They both were messed up and there was no way to escape this love and hatred.

Here is the moment when you will get into the book and read that how they fell in love with each other again. They plotted and planned every move to be within each others’ arms and the ending just made me cry. I really don’t want to explore the suspense here. So, I would really recommend you to read this book. I am pretty sure you are going to love it.

Rating: 5/5

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