How to Take Care of your Skin During Festive Season?

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We have almost entered the October month and that means the festive season is here, ALMOST. Excited? This year the festive season will look and sound little different but festive skin care ritual can't wait. It is extremely important to practice skin care during festivals as well to be the center of attraction. If you remember, I also pen down a post regarding preparing your skin for the festive season. Now, I thought how to take care of your skin during the festivals are in action.

Follow these steps to flaunt your beautiful skin like a boss.

1. Do not forget to hit the bed after removing the makeup

While you are enjoying the festive season, you tend to forget that makeup is still on. It ruins your skin to a great extent. This is the most effective festive skin care ritual you can follow by simply removing your makeup before saying good night to the world. Make sure that no makeup product is left on your face and double cleanse it for better results. If you wish to learn about double cleansing, read this blog post.

2. Use the right skin care products

We all love makeup and application of the same repeats each day when we are celebrating amazing set of Indian festivals. Sometimes, you have to change the makeup twice or thrice a day. For this matter, you must take very good care of your skin. You should clean your face twice a day with the suitable products according to your skin type. The entire process includes face wash, toner, day (day/night), face serum/ oil and a good massage.

3. Practice to use minimal makeup products

This tip is an extension to the previous one! When you have to apply makeup twice or thrice a day, you can simply cut down on the products that you do not need. Skin care during festivals will be easy for your practice in this way, trust me. Some of the ladies out there does not require full coverage foundation, they are good to go even after applying a good concealer/ BB or CC cream. Even you can do the same by identifying what your face actually needs and what not.

4. Try home remedies to maintain festive skin care

The best combination of rose water, milk and honey works amazing to get best skin of all times. If you do not have a sensitive skin, you can also go for ubtan or multaani mitti face pack, which can easily be made at home. The face pack of banana and honey also leaves your skin smooth and baby like. You can try massaging your face with an essential oil like lavender or lemongrass, which will help your skin be nourished and shine like gold.

5. Do not use hot water to clean your face

No matter if you use a face wash or a scrub or basically any skin care product, never ever wash it off with hot water. Use cold water as it helps the product to work like a pro. Hot water eliminates all the goodness the product can lend to you. Skin care during festivals will be of no issue if you do this. Additionally, drink loads of water and fluids in order to flush out all the impurities from your skin.

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