How to Take Care of your Skin before the upcoming Festive Season?

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Festive season is just around the corner so I thought to share some of the basic skin care rituals and things you should follow in order to keep your skin healthy and ready to rock during the various festivals that will be hitting the floor in just a month's time.

Festive skin care is something many of us does not follow or give this thought an ignorance but on the other hand, festive skin is needed if you want to be the center of attraction.

Skin is your best friend and you better follow a skin care essential routine and let it glow. Let us see some of the tips and tricks for the same.

1. Washing your face twice a day

You must wash your face with a mild face wash twice each day. By doing this, all the impurities, oil and dirt flush out from your skin, leaving it healthy behind. Your skin also does not breakout and you do not experience pimples and irritation on your face. Cleaning is the main ingredient to the recipe of getting flawless skin and this is something you should definitely follow.

2. Scrub! Scrub! Scrub!

This is applicable not only for your face, but also for your entire body and lips as well. By scrubbing the skin, dead skin eliminates from your body. You get the beautiful skin after this process. Make sure you use scrub with fine sugar granules to complete your festive skin care regime. You can do this step twice a week for best results. If you have sensitive skin, make sure to use extra fine granules' scrub and follow the process just once a week.

3. Drink consistent amount of water

The key to get the best skin, make it a habit to drink ample amount of water. By doing this, so much of the toxins and impurities flush out of your body. Please engrave this in mind that you do not have to drink tons of water in a day. The best amount to intake water a day includes 8-10 glasses of H2O. Yes, you can also include other fluids in your diet like juices and soups, which is a great way to remove bad stuff from your system.

4. Always remove makeup before going to bed

The best skin care essential in getting the best skin is to remove all the makeup before you go off to sleep. This step is extremely important because the makeup products are made of many ingredients that might be harmful for your skin if worn for longer time period. I prefer removing makeup with the help of an oil as it removes the makeup quickly and also keeps my skin nourished and healthy.

5. Yoga, meditation and light exercises

In order to soothe and calm your senses down, it will be beneficial for your skin if you practice yoga and meditation. This gives positive energies from within and that shows up on your face. Light exercise will also help you shedding those extra kilos plus your skin will glow like a shining star. The breathing exercises remove many of the skin related problems as well.

6. Apply homemade DIY face packs

The best DIY face pack is to mix multani mitti and rose water. Apply this paste on your face and as it dries up, remove it with water. This helps you to get the bright face. There are many other face masks as well that you can prepare at home very easily. For example, you can apply the mixture of honey and milk, aloevera gel, and so on.

7. Finally, a well-balanced diet and a sound sleep

A balanced diet and sound sleep completes the festive skin. You must take a sleep of at least seven hours a day. Do not stay up late at night for a good skin. Eat fruits and vegetables like a boss as it will give you the best texture of your skin. Eat tomatoes, fresh fruits like papaya, apple, banana and the list is endless. Sleep early and get up early in the morning for a refreshing day ahead.

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Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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  1. Thanks for reminding me to include scrub in my regime.