Are you Doing these Common Skin Care Mistakes?


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In today's post, I am going to talk about the skin care mistakes we all do way too frequently and moreover, we are not even aware of the same. And it is not that I have not been through this journey. I used to make so many mistakes and I seriously do not want you guys to repeat the same thing and end up losing the charm of your beautiful skin.

1. Sleeping with makeup on

I know how much we love applying makeup and there are uncountable reasons to play with it. But, at the same time, you need to take care of your skin, on which you have applied that perfect makeup. It is way too important to wipe off your entire makeup before you hit the bed. If you sleep with makeup on, it will just ruin your skin to a great level and there will be no return ticket to get your flawless skin back. So, avoid going to bed without removing your makeup nicely.

2. Not following the night time skin care routine

One of the best skin care hacks is to follow the night time skin care regime. It will not only repair your skin overnight but also fights with many skin care related issues like acne, pimples, pigmentation and what not. Even I am way too lazy for such things but believe me, it takes just 5-10 minutes of your time and it gives back the best skin to you. Make sure to use the right products according to your skin type.

3. Not applying sun screen on daily basis

It really does not matter if you are stepping out of the house or not, just do not skip applying a good amount of sunscreen screen to your face. Indian skincare includes this step for sure as I have seen many girls here following the same with dedication. Sunscreen cream helps control the sweat that drips from your face. Plus, it further protects your sensitive skin from the harmful rays of the Sun. Also, be sure to use the one with SPF.

4. Less hours of sleep

This might be little off to read this point here but this is one skin care hacks that I personally follow very diligently. You must take a sleep of at least 6 hours a day. I know it is said to sleep for 8 hours, which you can surely do if you can. But if time is less on your part, then I would suggest to sleep for 6-7 hours. This helps healing your skin beautifully overnight and if you follow a good night regime, this will work wonders.

5. Not eating a healthy diet

Fruits and vegetables are your best friends when it comes to your skin care. It is important to eat right but just to shed those extra inches but also, to keep your skin healthy, glowy and super soft. I love eating apples a lot, which helps me give that natural blush on my cheeks. So, try to alternate your cravings with something healthy and pure.

6. Over-scrubbing your face

It is rightly said that you must exfoliate your skin on weekly basis but over-scrubbing the same can cause harm to your skin. No matter if your skin is sensitive or not, you should not use harsh or any face scrub that frequently. You must set your alarms if you are someone who forgets things to remind you that this step is enough to do once a week.

7. Skipping to use toner on your face

Well, this is personal experience! I have acne and few light spots on my face. I started using toner and the results are truly great. You should never skip applying toner on your face after the first step of fashing your face with a cleanser. This smooth out your skin and fades away all the spots from your face, including acne.

These were the 7 skin care mistakes that I used to do a lot! I really hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.Do let me know what common skin care mistakes you used to follow and how you overcome those in the comments section below.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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  1. Sunscreen is one thing that everyone must incorporate in their skincare regime.

    1. true that di.. it really helps keeping your skin protected and healthy

  2. Useful post about skin care mistakes, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another.