7 Effective Monsoon Hair Care Tips

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I am way too glad that you all liked reading my last post, which was regarding the handy skincare tips to keep in mind this monsoon season. Keeping the same concern for hair in mind, today I have got amazing yet simple monsoon hair care tips for all of you.

During monsoon, girls' best friend, hair, play a lot. There are so many mood swings of their own and we just can't control the damage happening to the hair on each passing day. But, not to worry my ladies! I have got some tips and tricks for you. which will help your hair to be fresh and healthy. Here are some of the organic hair care regime you can follow for the same.

1. Wash your hair thrice a week: Okay, let's be real at first. I know how tedious it is to wash your hair as it takes forever to put the entire process into action. But at the same time, it is way too important for your hair. Washing your hair thrice a week prevents them to be on an oily side as monsoon gifts you oil in great amount. Further, it will keep your sweaty scalp fresh and healthy.

2. Organically made products please: You won't like it if your hair is drenched into chemicals, right? So, to avoid the same, make sure you opt only for the products, which does not include harmful chemicals. To be on a safer side, use the products, which are curated from natural ingredients, and later, let your hair thank you for doing this.

3. Allow your hair to air dry: At this point in time, do not use heavy equipment like hairdryer, etc to dry your hair. This practice will completely damage your hair without any second thought. It is always a good practice to the first towel dry them and then allow your hair to breathe in fresh air until they are set and completely dry. Trust me, it works to keep your scalp and hair lively.

4. Conditioner? Yes, please: Conditioning your hair is a must if you tend to get engraved in the rain showers. The conditioner helps you fight with the frizzy hair. It will add a layer of beautiful ingredients to your hair, which will further act as a shield to your hair. hair care in monsoon is incomplete without this point.

5. Oiling is essential, but do not overdo it: Oily hair care also includes oiling your hair, why? This is because no matter what weather you are into, but your hair needs nourishment. Use the organic hair care product for oiling purposes. Do not oil your hair on a frequent basis. I would suggest you to oil twice a week as your scalp is already oily because of the weather.

6. Go easy with unhealthy foods: Monsoon hair care can be achieved very easily by simply following a healthy diet. Avoid eating oily food as it is not good for both, your skin and hair during this season. You must include more of fruits and boiled vegetables. This type of diet will also help you lose those extra inches, thank me later.

7. Let hair accessories be your best friend: Haircare in monsoon is a very difficult task, I can very well relate to this statement. So, to tackle the same, you can take help from hair accessory to tie up your hair and feel a little relaxed while you do your other stuff, like dishes or shopping for groceries.

I wish this post helped you in any way or the other. Do let me know in the comments below about your thoughts. Also, do share what tips you keep handy during this season.

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