Food inspired Lip Colors

By Kriti Mazumdar

Milkshake by Anastasia Beverly Hills: Think of a soft frothy milkshake with a hint of strawberry sorbet. Do you feel a smile playing on your lips? This very idea of a milkshake has been translated into a mesmerizing lipstick shade by the renowned architect-turned-browchitect Anastasia Soare. The shade’s primary tone is that of soft while milk with an undertone of juicy peach. It not only sounds delightful, but it also looks exquisite on the lips.

Fruit Punch by Maybelline: This shiny ‘colouressential’ glossy range from one of the most popular cosmetic brand in the world is inspired from the natural colors exhibited in a fruit punch salad. If you blend all the colors in a mixed fruit bowl and top it with honey, what you will get is this lovely shiny shade. This rich creamy pigmented lip color celebrates the vibrancy of fruits and the deliciousness of honey.

Pickled Plum by MAC: The sweet shade of a ripened plum fruit is gorgeous in itself. This infused with the tang of lemon and nourishment of oil, not only gives the color a new vigor, but makes it more intense and bold. MAC envisioned this shade as part of its Creamsheen Lipstick. With a blend of moisturizing serum and ‘pearlized’ pigments, the Pickled Plum is a powerful lip trend in pink.

Salmon by Bobbi Brown: Can a fish inspire a lipstick shade? Not just any cosmetic brand, but the famous Bobbi Brown cosmetic brand looked into the natural hue of the tasty salmon to redefine a ravishingly beautiful nude shade. Needless to say, the brand named this fish inspired lip color, Salmon. This shade does not make your lips looks artificially pretty. But it accentuates the natural beauty of lips by adding a soft touch of orange, the same shade that makes the fish appear innately exquisite.

Cinnamon Toast by L’oreal: There are numerous shades that are named after spices. These exciting flavors of nature are not just used for cooking lip smacking dishes but also for setting fashion trends. One versatile spice is the Cinnamon. Add a warm crackling twist to this exotic spice, and what you get is the Cinnamon Toast. This is a gorgeous shade in the Parisian cosmetic brand’s Colour Riche range. Wear it to work for a sober look or dab it on your lips if you need a hint of make up while you relax in the park.

Tea and Cookies by NYX: A steaming cup of tea and freshly baked cookies can do wonders to lift the dullness from a gloomy day. Take this awesome combination and pack it into a creamy stick and Voila! You will get a rosy tea pink shade from the premium cosmetic brand NYX. This cute lip color can lighten up any mood and make your lips look soft, warm and inviting. This shade is perfect for any occasion just like a cuppa tea and a plate of cookies.

Beet it by Lime Crime: Vegetables are part of our food regimes irrespective of geographies, ethnicity, religion, or other practices. One of the most deeply pigmented vegetables is the juicy beet root. Taking inspiration from this humble yet bright vegetable, Lime Crime developed the Beet It shade for its Matte Velveteen Collection. Add spunk to your everyday look with this addictive and rich lipstick shade.

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