The Fragrance People Melbourne FRESH CUTROSES Body Wash: Review, Swatch

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Today, I’m going to review my current favorite body wash on my blog. And I’m taking about The Fragrance People Melbourne FRESH CUTROSES Body Wash! Read further for the detailed review!

PRICE & QUANTITY: Rs. 299/- for 200ml

SHELF LIFE: 36 months

AVAILABILITY: At the outlets

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Benefits of The Fragrance People FRESH CUTROSES Body Wash:

  • Cleanses the skin

  • Removes the dirty particles

  • Opens skin pores

  • Gives freshness to the skin

  • Makes skin smooth & shiny

INGREDIENTS: Rose extract, aloe vera gel, almond oil, sodium laurylether sulphate, ethoxylated lanolin, cocoamidopropyl betain, cocodiethanolamide, cocomonorthanolamide, glycerine, allantoin, citric acid, ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid sodium salt, demineralised water.


  • Squeeze into hand

  • Sponge or washcloth

  • Lather and rinse


The Fragrance People FRESH CUTROSES Body Wash comes in a squeezing plastic bottle with black cap. On the opening of the black cap, you’ll see a sealed plastic cap with a hole in between from where you can pour out the product. As the inner cap is sealed, it is travel friendly. On the back of the packaging, you can read all the information about the product. The product is pale yellow in color but seems to be transparent when poured out. It has a runny consistency with smooth texture. It might be little expensive for some, but if you compare the quality and quantity it is worth buying. The best part about this product is its fragrance which is neither too strong nor mild. The fragrance is refreshing just like a beautiful bouquet of roses.


I use this body wash thrice a week and believe me, this product gave me a beautiful skin. It cleanses your skin very well and the fragrance OH MYYY!!! The fragrance lasts all day. Even if you apply body lotion after this product’s usage, it won’t lose its fragrance. If you are working, then this is a must have product for you and your skin. It relaxes you skin and senses! A quick shower is a must when you come home after work. In short, it makes your skin healthy, smooth, shiny, and fresh, removes dirt particles and cleanses it well.

SWATCH: In the image below.



  • Travel friendly

  • Budget friendly

  • Fragrance of roses

  • Smooth texture

  • Consistency

  • Relaxes your skin and senses

  • Cleanses your skin

  • Makes your skin smooth, healthy and shiny

  • Availability

  • Fragrance lasts all day


  • Might be expensive for some but really worth the price

  • None



A must have product for every human being who loves treating their skin with leisure. Cleanses your skin very well and makes it healthy, shiny and smooth. It might be little expensive for some, but worth the price.

Have you tried The Fragrance People FRESH CUTROSES Body Wash? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. The fragrance sounds really nice.

  2. Fragrance lasts all day??? I am definitely checking this out!!!! :D

  3. It is indeed and you will surely love it...

  4. it does on my skin love, which is a plus point for me and I really hope it goes well in your case too...