'Thistle & Weeds' by Dr. Prachi Priyanka: Book Review

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So, I am back with another book review. Firstly, let me tell you that this book contains come amazingly written short stories but you wouldn't leave it even for a second. As I have finished reading the book, I am all set to share the review of the same.


Author: Dr. Prachi Priyanka

Price: Rs. 200/-

Where To Buy: Buy online on Flipkart

This book contains 11 short stories, which I will be reviewing one by one. Let me jump on to the stories and tell you the hint of these stories.

The Paradise: This story depicts a love story, which started accidentally. Ashish and Sara are in love. Sara had a break up with her boyfriend, so she wanted to die. Ashish came to the rescue and saved her life. But why? For him! He fell in love with her beautiful eyes and nature. The entire story goes well till the time Ashish came to know that Sara doesn’t want a child. I loved the interesting elements, though the ending was little unclear.

A Suitable Match: Sanjana is a girl who is bold and beautiful. She earns well and is happy with the way she looks. She has a dusky complexion, due to which nobody is ready to marry her. For this reason, her parents are worried. But finally she got a man of her dreams. Aryan he is. They talked to each other and were ready to tie the knot. But then what made Sanjana change her mind?

Maya: The Language of Desire: Maya loved Manav but he was not serious. He loved her but one day, he decided to break her heart. She is married to Aniket now, but she is not happy. This story is the journey of Maya, who is unhappy with her married life because she is very much into her first love. This story will leave your eyes with tears and heart with questions.

Winds of Change: Savitri is a lady who misses her husband to the core. His husband is no more in this world and because of which she is degrading her health day by day. Her son and his family is settled abroad and doesn’t bother much about his mother. Parvati is the only person, whom Savitri talk to but now even she is dead. Sandeep (Savitri’s husband) always stood by her side. The story is about a mother and her lonely journey.


Life @ Zumba: Megha is a lazy girl and married. She loves spending time with herself at her big house. Mihir, her husband has also lost interest in her. Whatever she does is none of his business. Now, Megha has become tired of spending her life alone. They don’t have a baby, for which she is being cursed often. And Mihir doesn’t like discussing it either. But, finally Megha gets life when she joins Zumba classes. Her journey is worth reading, which has been showcased beautifully by the author.

The Mask: Suhaani had no parents and was completing her studies. She had a boyfriend Rahul and both were very much in love. But, one day something happened that changed Suhaani’s life. She got raped. The rapist was wearing a mask, so he couldn’t be identified. Terrified Suhaani wanted to give up her life when Rahul left her. At this time, Atul came to her rescue and married her. Atul named their daughter, Juhi. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end on a positive note. Suhaani packed her bags and carried Juhi to reach police station at the earliest. But what may be the reason? Rahul? Juhi? Or her husband Atul?

Jalebi Love: Sushma is married to Jai bue she is not happy. Jai, on the other hand is also not happy and is in love with his secretary. Sushma is fighting with her married life to bring her husband back, which seems next to impossible. After regular insisting by her mother, she finally went out of the house and joined cooking classes to divert her mind. She met Alex, who was her partner in cooking. And gradually she started falling for him. The journey about a girl, who used to be a home gig is now a free bird is beautifully written. Only because I don’t want to kill your excitement, I am not revealing the entire story here.


The Guilt: James came after so many years to live with his father and step mother Elisa. He was never contacted by his father as in front of the world, it showed James killed his real mother. Elisa wanted physical relation with her step son, which James found awkward. But one day they both got caught by James’s father and he was thrown out of the house. But now, how he will fight with this life alone?

It’s My Life: Old age kills you not from outside but inside if you don’t get the love, especially from your own children. This story is about a man, whose wife is dead and he is struggling to fight with his life by trying to keep everything in place. His son Shekhar and his wife Sujata are not spending time with their father as they have busy lives. But when this man got courage to speak in front of these two educated animals, he defines his new life.

Roop will not Die: Roop is a small town who came to Mumbai for his boyfriend to marry him and sign into a beautiful life. Getting ditched by her boyfriend at the last moment, she couldn’t gather courage to go back as she is pregnant. But a girl, who was just like her sister helped her with everything. From getting a shelter to a respected job, she gave her new life. But again she got trapped in love by one of the heads, Akash in the company. She was ditched again. Now, will she able to fight with this world alone? She didn’t listen her DI when she warned her about Akash and now she is no more. But why her DI says that Roop will not die?

I Love You: Chris and Flora are happily married but the past of Chris, Jenny doesn’t allow him to stay happy. He left Jenny after using her for years and in just one breadth he says that he can’t live with her now. Disheartened Jenny tried to control her emotions and love for him but one day everything boils up. The fight which both Jenny and Chris had was a sign of negativity and not pure love.


Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, I loved reading all the stories. But only one thing, which disturbed me was not even a single story was complete. Meaning, at the end you are unable to know what exactly happened? Otherwise, the book is a must read. I'd recommend you to read this book for sure.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this detailed book review. Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: The book is been sent by the Authors' Ink Publication for the review purposes, but views shared are my own.

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