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Reading has always been my passion and when you get the opportunity to read good quality content in the form of books, I can't say NO. If you are my fan on social media channels, then you have this knowledge about my love for books. In today's post as well, I am going to review a book, which was been sent to me by BlogAdda.


Author: A team of bloggers

Price: Rs. 349/-

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As this book contains 3 big stories, I'll be talking about each one of them one by one. So, without wasting any more time, let me jump on to the review.

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The Awakening: This story is written by the team BY LINES. The story starts with a plot wherein Shekhar’s perfect life and family has been discussed. He is blessed to have a beautiful and caring wife Tara and a loving daughter Roohi. His childhood best friend Jennifer, with whom he shared some common interests for aliens. To know about these creatures and much more. Aryan is Shekhar’s neighbor and is one of the brains who is also associated with FOTA, a group of people who discuss about aliens but secretly. Till the time being, everything was going on a smooth track, just like anything perfect. But gradually, as Shekhar gets to know inside stories from Jennifer (who is also a member of FOTA) about aliens, he thought to pen it down and create a book for the same. But he fails every time. He is just not able to protect his manuscript. On the other hand, Cyrus enters their lives. He is another peacekeeper alien but introduces himself as a student (sent by the known professor of Shekhar) and that he wants to stay with them till he finds another accommodation. The family happily agrees. Over the time, Tara feels something strange about Cyrus. The way he used to see her is not the way anybody would see a girl other than her husband. She was concerned but couldn't find a way out.

After few days, Shekhar and Jennifer was told by Aryan that Tara is an alien. As soon as both Jennifer and Shekhar could grab Tara and ask her about her mission, Cyrus appeared in front of them. She tried explaining Tara that she is a peacekeeper alien Clariota and not a human being. She couldn't believe but deep inside her heart, she knew that somehow she is connected to Cyrus, whose real name was Omega. The story further tells about the journey to help Tara remember about her true purpose of coming to Earth. Once she was awakened, she decided to face the truth. As Gray aliens was about to attack the Earth, all the peacekeeper aliens got together in millions and stared off with the process. It included Clariota and Cyrus, who were later accompanied by Roohi. Roohi was also soaked in with the super powers her mother possessed. They saved the Earth but what next? Till how long the human beings are saved? The story ends at an emotional path where Jennifer and Shekhar were left alone. Now Shekhar won’t be seeing either his wife or daughter ever in his life.

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Entangled Lives: This story is written by the team Potliwale BabaA new story is born at this point, where the book has landed me as a reader. Entangled lives is a story, which stresses more on the child’s behavior. Here the child is Roohi, who also acted like Ritu sometimes. The child is suffering from multiple personality disorder, which is known as DID in psychological terms. Roohi doesn't like anyone who tries to come closer to her dad, Shekhar. Shekhar is a house husband and Tara, his wife is a media person who is doing very well in her career.

Naina is the maid of the Duttas family and is serving the people from many years now. Naina is like a family member but Roohi doesn't like her to peep into her and her father’s life. For her, Shekhar was her daddy hero and she hated her mom as she never used to spend time with them.

Cyrus and Tara used to be in love at some point but they accidentally met each other at the Duttas family after they broke up for almost 1+ years. But one day, Naina, the maid was found dead. Who killed her and why? Then, comes the villain of the story, Jwalkar as in Java, the inspector. The story tells you about how he unmoulds the mystery but was mistaken as far as criminal was concerned. Before he could catch the killer, a misery took place again.

The story is interestingly written and is worth a read. I didn't wanted to kill the suspense and essence of this story by writing it all here. I want you to read it and decide yourself.

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Missing – A Journey Within: This story is written by the team Tete-a-Ten. The story is been carried forward with the same characters yet indulged with an interesting set of twists. In this story, every character fights with his/her life. There are various situations, which attacks the characters in such a way that they are unable to find the way out of that dilemma.

In this story, Roohi, the little 9 years old daughter of Tara and Shekhar went missing one day. The journey to get her back is been interestingly showcased in this story. Also, other characters in this story are missing out with something in their lives. How they come along with all these ups and downs is what the story is about. But somehow I felt that it has been dragged a little bit, which becomes little boring in the middle.

Overall, it is a must-have book for every reader in the world. You will surely going to love it as the interesting elements of mystery and suspense is amazingly written down in the language of words.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this detailed book review. Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

Disclaimer: This book is been sent by BlogAdda for the review purposes, but the review been shared is my own.

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