Oriflame Nature Secrets Talc in FLORAL BOUQUET: Review + Swatch

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For the first time on my blog, I’m going to review talc and this one is from Oriflame. If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you must know how much I love this fact that you should always smell good and to some extent talc is useful to achieve this goal. I’ll not say that this is the only solution if you want to smell good but yes it does its job perfectly, like kind of 50-60%.

PRICE & QUANTITY: Rs. 59/- for 100g & Rs. 169/- for 400g

AVAILABILITY: Through a representative

SHELF LIFE: 3 years

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Take pleasure in the freshness of Nature Secrets irresistible new talcs. Naturally soft, eloquently and effortlessly absorbent, these all-over body powders offer a wonderful touch, to keep you feeling fresh.
  • Tropical Burst
  • Forest Glade
  • Cooling Breeze
INGREDIENTS: Talc, hydrated silica, parfum, hydroxycitronellal, amyl cinnamal, linalool, butylphenyl, methylpropional, limonene, citronelolol, cinnamyl alcohol, geraniol

PACKAGING: It comes in a long plastic container with a twisted cap. The cap has tiny holes from where you can pour out the product. The whole body is in pink and white color with flowers on it plus all the product details. The cap is in green color. It is not travel friendly as the cap is loose.

TEXTURE: It has a smooth texture and after application it makes your skin soft with beautiful floral fragrance. 

STAYING POWER: It stayed well for 5-7 hours on me.

FRAGRANCE: Just beautiful! It has a mixture of floral fragrances which is soothing to your senses and doesn’t bother your nose as the fragrance is not that strong. Fragrance is mild but stays well!

MY EXPERIENCE: For few months, I used this talc! I really loved the fact that it stayed well on me, for like 5 hours. I wish the packaging could be travel friendly as I’d love to carry this bunch of fresh floral fragrances with me wherever I travel. Also I used this talc to massage my hands, legs, face, I’d say to pamper my skin before I go to bed, and this talc played an important role. It relaxes your senses and works perfectly.

Overall, I had a good experience using this product and would like to recommend to you as well.  

SWATCH: In the image below.

  • Mild floral fragrances
  • Economical
  • Smooth texture
  • Soothing to nose
  • Can be used for your entire body
  • Lasts longer
  • Relax your senses and skin
  • Makes your skin soft
  • Packaging
  • Not travel friendly
  • Availability only through representatives
RATING: 4.5/5

Oriflame Nature Secrets Talc in Floral Bouquet is budget friendly talc which you’ll surely love. Yes, it is not travel friendly but a nice product which will make you smell just like a bunch of floral happiness for longer period of time. I’d love to recommend this product to you.

Have you tried Oriflame Nature Secrets Talc in Floral Bouquet/ any other fragrance(s)? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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