Nail Art on Wednesday- Pretty Roses Nail Art: Design & Tutorial - Nail Art for beginners

Hey everyone! I hope you all doing great.

Today I'm little late in publishing this post about nail art. A lot of things happening now a days that I'm just getting so annoying and lazy too. I would really like to talk to you one day. Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in any blog posts of these kind where I talk to you, tell you about me and know about you guys. I love you guys so much which can't be expressed in words. BELIEVE ME!!!! 

Well!!! Moving on with the nail art for today, lets check the design first. :D

As summers are here and Mr. Sunny is getting really naughty and hotty with us, especially Delhi people, :p so I thought to try out something related to flowers, they feel so soft in the summers, so what's better than to draw roses on your nails?? Yeah!!! So here I am with a simple Roses Nail Art. :D

Again!! This nail art design is super cute and easy to do. Just few steps and you're done..!! :D

Lets check out the tutorials now. ^_^


I really hope you enjoyed this video and able to create this nail art design. :D



  • Apply your base coat first.
  • Apply 2 thin coats of dark green metallic polish (any normal polish would also be great).
  • With white paint and a small brush, make some random dots.
  • With red paint, add details to the dots to make a rose flowers.
  • With green paint, make some leaves.
  • Apply a layer of top coat.
  • Now you're nails are done.!!

I hope you found this pictorial easy to achieve this design and try out this nail art design and flaunt your beauty via nails.
If you decide to try out any of my nail art designs, do share your recreations with me on social networks using #kannucreative (others) or #kannu_creative (instagram) or creative_kannu (on twitter), I would love to see your recreations. ^_^ :*

Some pictures of the finished look. 

Do share your views on this nail art design in the comment section below. :D ^_^

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog post. I hope you liked it. Have a nice day.

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Disclaimer: I purchased all the items used in this nail art design using my own money.

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  1. Aww..this is so colorful sweetheart!!how do you do these?

    1. heheheh thank you di... i use acrylic paints.. it makes the work so easy.. :D

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  3. That was amazing!! I adore your talent girl! Loved it super much <3 :)

    1. thank you so much di.. i'm so happy you liked it.. :D

  4. You are so talented Kannu :) Pretty NOTD :)