5 Romantic Places to Visit with your Sweetheart...!

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As we all know that the situation is not very good right now. We are locked inside our homes and there is not much to travel as well. I thought to lighten up your day a bit by sharing the top 5 places, which are romantic and the ones you should definitely visit with your partner.

Ready? Let's begin!


I am sure you must have heard about this place. Bali is utmost romantic and you would feel love is in the air you will roam around with your special one. The best time to visit Bali is just after your marriage, the honeymoon. Book a villa-like property with a personal pool, which will add more spice to your romantic scenes. Once you see the scenery through your own eyes, you will get to know why I am suggesting you visit this paradise with your better half.


This place never sleeps! If you are someone who wants to explore street style romance, then this will be the perfect pick. There are numerous temples to explore. Do take a ride on a tuk-tuk to witness the street markets. Thai massage is something you should also give a try with your spouse. Such massages are so relaxing that you enter into a completely different world. Additionally, this would be a pocket-friendly honeymoon destination for newlyweds.


This city is best witnessed during the autumn season. This is one of my favourite places to visit with your loved one. This never sleeping city has something or the other for you. This city never fails to impress you. Central Park is the attraction spot in this city. You would never be able to imagine in which lane there is something romantic happening. This city was the one that got the idea of classic date into fashion.


Of course, how can I forget to include this place in the list? Paris is one of the most romantic places that every couple wishes to visit. You can visit the temple of love here and exchange a romantic kiss with your partner. You can enjoy so many pastries outlet here if you have sweet tooth. There is so much to explore in Paris. I personally love exploring coffee shops in new places. Or simply, you can just hold your partner's hands and go for a quick romantic walk.


Are you aware of Bellagio Fountains? If not, then I urge you to please visit this place. Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife. And trust me, if you are a party animal, you will fall in love with this place. Apart from this, there are numerous things to do around. Just look into the internet and pull out the activities that you wanna do with your hubby/wifey. At the end of your romantic tour, I am sure you are going to miss a lot of fun.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful for you to decide which place to visit next. Do mention in the comments below that which place is your favourite.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

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