Are you following these 5 tips for Weight Loss?

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We have one known who is depressed with his/her big belly or is struggling to shed those extra inches and kilos. I know how difficult it is to lose weight but on the other hand, if you follow few simple and handy tips, your weight loss journey will be surely fruitful.

In today's blog, I am going to share top 5 weight-loss tips, following which you can cut that extra fat plus these will help maintain your body fat and won't encourage it to exceed further.

1. Drink ample water

This is the most easy and handy tip that you can include in your daily life to reduce fat. Basically, water eliminates all the impurities from your body through urine. So, for example, if you have eating any meal that is not included in your diet, you can drink 3-4 glasses of water after every hour, it won't cause harm to your health. You should drink 8 glasses of water each day to get flat tummy and beautiful skin. I personally drink 10-12 glasses of water, just telling. 😜

2. Eat less carbs

I would say that eat ample carbs only when you are going to gym and working out for good number of hours. But during the weight loss journey, if you are a lazy person, cut the carbs from the diet will be a good option. You will be little surprised to know but eating carbs also accelerates your blood sugar levels and blood pressure along with other diseases as well. If you eat 2 chapattis, make it 1; and you will see the visible results.

3. Physical activity is a must

I do know we all have busy lives but if you can't spare 1 hour from the day for your health and body, you are taking your entire health to the path of risk. If you are a busy person, try to get up early in the morning and go for a 30 minutes walk. The freshness of morning breeze will help you feel light, positive and healthy. You can do the same in the evening time when you return from office. But, if you feel tired in the evening (which I agree to), make it a habit to walk for 20 minutes in the morning followed by 10 minutes jogging. Try this, it will help you!

4. Eating healthy is always great

Now, do this for 3 months and your body will be transformed completely. Eliminate outside food, aerated drinks, sugar, and oily food. Rather, eat fresh fruits, vegetables, soups, salads and naturally made drinks like coconut water, lemon water, etc. If you eat right, everything will get in place immediately. This exercise will help cleaning your body from within and keep it healthy and hearty, away from all the possible diseases that you might get. And if you have any medical conditions, those will be sorted as well.

5. Finally, get complete sleep

Not only for good health but for good sleep as well, you must sleep for good number of hours, which is one of the common weight-loss tips. I sleep for 8-9 hours and it feels amazing. Try to hit the bed by 10 or 11 PM so that you are able to get up by 6 or 7 in the morning. Then, you have ample time to go for a walk, prepare meals and get ready for office. A good sleep is the key to get flawless skin as well so all the ladies our there, I am sure you have read this line. 💖

So, these were the weight-loss tips that you can include in your weight loss journey for great results. Do let me know in the comments below what tips you include to be healthy. And do try these tips as well and share your experiences by writing in the comments section.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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