Say 'No' to a Third Party Payroll during this Lockdown due to COVID-19

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Hello world!

Today, I am feeling like that confident journalist, who wants to share what she is going through. And in return, she does not want any of you to go through the same crap. Yes, I am talking about myself here!

We all can witness the outrage of COVID-19 in India and the never ending cases around us. We are praying for each other so that this problem takes an exit from our country as soon as possible. Due to this critical disease, many of our loved ones left us, including the big celebrities. And because of the same, many employees have been laid-off from their respective companies that too when, there is no fault of these innocent humans.

The economy has gone down really bad and at this crucial time, I think companies should take care of their employees, rather than just asking them to leave. They are not understanding that many families are dependent on them. They are not realizing that how those employees' families will survive without the basic necessities of life. No matter what, but you need money to buy food and pay the bills on monthly basis.

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I am too going through this and thus, I thought to pen down my experience here, on my blog. I do not want any of my reader, who is into job sector are forced to say goodbye to their present jobs. It is a bitter truth to say that everything is going to be fine but you can't feel the pain of what that person is going through. My suggestion to all those people is to start searching for a permanent payroll so that you own the job security. Give your 200% to the new company so that they can only say good and encouraging words for the work you would provide them with.

I know this time is not easy to deal with. I know you are going through a lot of ups and downs, a lot of mood swings, but look at your family and give a smile. Thank God that your loved ones are safe and sound!

The reason why I am asking you to say NO to any kind of third party payroll is because:

  • there is no job security.

  • they would not notify you before a good time period so that you can search for a new job.

  • they really do not care if your job stays or not.

  • they will only listen to what their clients has to say.

  • they only believe in the mantra of 'use and throw'.

  • they will vanish all of a sudden and forget all the promises they made at the time of joining.

  • they can't feel your pain that what you are going through.

  • they would not stand by you; neither professionally nor personally.

It is okay to be rejected, in-spite of giving your best work. Just look at those appreciation awards you got to start believing in yourself that nothing is impossible and you will get what you deserve.

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COVID-19 is eating our country day by day and we just can't do anything about it. The only thing we can do is pray and hope that everything will be back to normal very soon. I can understand that how it feels when you lose your job as I am too sailing on the same boat. So, you are not alone in this, my friend. Because of lockdown, many of the things got disorganized and it will get difficult to be on track.

Till then, look for a job that offers job security. Stay positive in what you do or think. Do not get disheartened as best is yet to come. Always remember, you are a warrior and God knows that you can deal with this situation like a boss. Please take care of your loved ones. Keep your surroundings clean and keep sanitizing your hands. Stay at home, stay safe.

I wish you all the very best! :)

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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