Skinsense - Natural Luxury Coffee Sugar Scrub: Review, Swatch

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Today's post is filled with amazing fragrance, but for that you need to try the product about which I am going to talk about now. I am talking about Coffee Sugar Scrub from the house of Skinsense - Natural Luxury. I had already finished using this product and it got delayed for me to publish the review post on my blog. I am sure they must be little angry with me. Let me give them a big smile now :-D (hope this works.

Anyway, moving on with the review now. Let's get this post started right from here.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 650/- for 160 grams

Availability: Buy online on their office website HERE

Product Description: An exhilarating anti-oxidant scrub with freshly ground coffee from the hills of Coorg, cane sugar, and blend of nourishing oils. A heady scrub that promises to smoothen and plump your skin, help reduce the orange-skin look of cellulite, helps relax and calm tired muscles. Regular use has shown a drastic reduction of the orange-like dimpled skin on affected body parts and also helps lymph drainage, making your sore muscles feel rejuvenated and you feeling lighter.

How To Use: Take a small quantity and scrub well into cleansed skin, especially the problem areas like stomach, thighs and buttocks. Rinse and pat dry. Follow up with one of our Body Butters for excellent results. Only for body, not for the face.

Ingredients: Key ingredients are fresh ground coorg coffee, cane sugar, custom nutritive oil blend, Vitamin E, and their secret circulation-boosting ingredient.

My experience with Skinsense - Natural Luxury Coffee Sugar Scrub:

Skinsense - Natural Luxury Coffee Sugar Scrub comes in a transparent tub with an air-tight lid. The packaging is simple and not much has been done with the creativity. A sticker is surrounding the tub, on which all the details about the product are written very clearly. The sugar granules are very finely mixed in the mixture, so for the people who have sensitive skin, they can easily use this scrub on their skin.

Whenever you open the tub, you will be showered with amazing fragrance of the product. Sometimes, I really used to feel that this needs to be eaten up and then, I controlled my emotions. Phew! The texture of the scrub is obviously not way too smooth as your skin needs to flush out the dirt after you apply it. It cleanses your skin very well. The consistency of this scrub is also very fine. This tub lasted for 5 months for me. A very small amount of the product is needed when using it, so it is like a savior on its own.

If pampering your skin is the passion you own, just like me, then you need to try this product. This tub is worth buying. It might look costly but once you use it, you are going to fell in love with it. The goodness of oils and the strong fragrance of coffee just refreshes from mind and soul from inside. And this is homemade, so you are not allowing any harmful chemicals to enter your skin.

Swatch: In the image below.


  • Availability

  • Strong fragrance of coffee

  • Loaded with beneficial oils for skin

  • Cleanses your skin well

  • Fine sugar granules

  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Might be costly for some but worth buying

  • Travelling with this tub would be little difficult in summers as it might releases the oil

Rating: 4.5/5

Skinsense – Natural Luxury Coffee Sugar Scrub is a must have product to buy. I would highly recommend you to give this product a try. You will surely going to fall in love with it.

Have you tried Skinsense – Natural Luxury Coffee Sugar Scrub? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: Product sent by the brand. All views shared are my own and not under the influence of the brand.

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