Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art: Review, NOTD

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Today I’m going to review Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art! These are the cutest nail art decorations ever used. These helps to make your nail art look more cute and adorable.

Price & quantity: Rs. 200 (approximately) for 12 small pots

Availability: Buy online either on Ebay or Amazon

Product description: Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art are the cutest nail art decorations. These will give you neat and adorable nail art designs which you will adore forever. These can be used by any nail art lover, the end result will always be cute.

My experience with Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art:

Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art comes in tiny transparent plastic pots with ring cap. As the packaging is transparent and tiny, you can easily identify and chose the color you want to work with and travel friendly too. It comes in 12 tiny pots with different color poured in each pot. These are easily available and that too at cheap rates.

These can be used by both professionals and beginners. When you are a beginner in the nail art world, these nail art decorations becomes your best friend and moreover, they never disappoint you. You get such adorable, cute and neat manicures which lasts for long. I personally love them because they never come off as compared to other nail art decorations. You don’t require any top coat over these nail art decorations. I’d say this is the best way to achieve nail art in one minute. Yes! One minute only!! You just need to apply your nail polish and without waiting for this to try just sprinkle flocking powder over it; settle the flocking powder with your fingertips, remove the excess and you’re done. It is that simple!!

NOTD: Here is the design which I created using velvet flocking powder nail art. I totally love this one!


  • Travel friendly

  • Can be used by both professionals and beginners

  • Neat and clean nail arts

  • Quick nail art; in just 1 minute

  • 12 different colors

  • Easy to work with

  • No mess

  • End results are always cute and adorable

  • Easily available


  • None

Rating: 5/5

Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art are the best nail art decorations available. I’ll highly recommend you to include this in your collection right away!

Have you tried Velvet Flocking Powder Nail Art? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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