Hottest Lipstick Trends of 2018!

If you are looking forward to experiment a bit with your look and add some fresh colors to your makeup kitty, this article is totally for you. Check out top 5 hottest lipstick colors which are all set to rule in 2018. Read on the article below and we are sure you are going to come across colors that you find flattering and appealing.

Berry Shades

Berry shades include a wide array of shades. The most popular one is basically a cocktail between Lavender and Purple hues.This looks beautiful on fair skin tones due to it’s bold saturation.

If Purple or Mauve is not your style, you can go for brighter Berry shades like Raspberry.For medium to dark skin tones, Cherry shade lips look excellent. If you do not own any Berry shades yet you can always go online shopping and stock up some in your makeup collection.

The Classic Reds

The shades of Red look undoubtedly luscious on most skin tones.It manages to instantly brighten up your face. 2018 brings back the elegance and old world charm of a Red pout back. Red lips attract a lot of attention so try to avoid wearing them to work. They are a great choice for parties and romantic dinners. Always exfoliate, moisturize and line your lips when wearing Red lipstick.

Muted Pinks

Muted Rose shade of lipsticks is the new Pink that everybody is loving after the Popping PInks which have ruled for quite some years, now. Dusty Pinks/ Champagne Pink and my-lips-but-better kind of Pinks strike a perfect balance between Nude and popping Pink and manage to give you a minimal makeup look without making you look all washed out. You can always coat Dusty Pinks with a hint of clear gloss without looking over the top or gaudy.An excellent choice for everyday wear to office.


There is no beating the Corals when it comes to Summer wear shades. They are perfect for you whether you have tanned skin or porcelain complexion! Just pick the correct hue. Lighter and Peachy Corals look excellent on medium to dark skin shades while Pinkish Corals look good on fairer skins. With corals, your face looks bright without looking overpowering. Those with yellowish teeth should avoid Coral colours that have more of Orange undertones as this can give an illusion of teeth that are even more Yellow!

Deep Browns

Deep Brown lipsticks are intense and they create an impact! They manage to define your lips perfectly. One tip we must suggest here is to keep rest of your makeup fresh and dewy. A light or minimal eye makeup would complement deep Brown lips beautifully.

Last year was all about 2017 matte lip shades whereas Pearly finishes are going to rule 2018. So, readers do you already own any of these lip colors and if not hurry and buy some of these soon to look in sync with the latest fashion and makeup trends in 2018!

Let me know your favorite lipstick trend in the comments below.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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  1. Very well covered I really like the Corals one.

  2. Thanks like Berry's and deep reds ..they are always in trend....I love a mix of them as a ombre color etc

  3. Amazing post dear..the classic reds will be in trend forever & ever.....