'Super Couples Inspiring Stories of Couple-Preneurs' by Prachi Garg: Book Review

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Today I am going to review a book on my blog. I had received this book a long while ago and read it too. But due to my health issues, I was not able to post the review of the same. As it is always said, it is never too late. So, I am finally here with the book review.

Book: Super Couples Inspiring Stories of Couple-Preneurs

Author: Prachi Garg

Price: Rs. 165/-

Where To Buy: Flipkart

My take on the book 'Super Couples Inspiring Stories of Couple-Preneurs':

Super Couples is a collection of short stories. But these short stories are different from others. If you want to get inspired before starting something big in your life, then this will be a great pick for you. The book features 19 inspirational stories of couples who made their passion a profession.

In most of the stories, the duos are inclined towards a single topic and thus, they started their own journey towards success. Some of the mentions are big brands, which I don’t want to reveal as of now. The couples are narrating their stories of hardships and problems they faced while starting their new ventures. Because we all know that whenever we start doing something new and different, we have to go through many ups and downs accompanied with valid clarifications to the society.

Further, these couples share how their respective families believed in them and let them discover what they wanted to in their fields. This is a good read for each one of you because the book teaches you never to give up. It teaches you to go get your dreams no matter what the world says. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend you to read it as well.

Rating: 4/5

I really hope you enjoyed reading my review on the book ‘Super Couples Inspiring Stories of Couple-Preneurs’. Have you read it? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: This book has been sent by the PR of ‘Super Couples Inspiring Stories of Couple-Preneurs’ for the review purposes, but the review shared is my own.

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