Organic Harvest Activ Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin: Review, Swatch

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Organic Harvest has been one of my favorite brands when it comes to skin care. I always loved using their products and you might have noticed that by reading my reviews. Organic Harvest recently launched a new range of cleansing milk. Because of winters, I opted for the dry skin one. I have been using this product for 2-3 weeks now, let see if this time the brand has impressed me or not.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 1495/- for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 1 year

Availability: Buy online on their website HERE

Product Description: The goodness of oils and moisturizes in this wonder product imparts a dual action by unclogging pores without stripping the skin. The regenerative nature of this product leaves your skin soft and smooth by forming a thin protective layer preventing the skin from dryness, naturally.

How To Use: Wet your face. Apply the product to your face in a circular motion, making sure each each spot gets covered with cleanser. Keep massaging in a circular motion for thirty seconds to a minute. Rinse thoroughly.

Key Ingredients: Aqua, Certified organic Decyl glycoside, Provitamin B5, Propylene glycol, Sodium benzoate, Potassium sorbate and Perfume. No color added.


My experience with Organic Harvest Activ Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin:

Organic Harvest Activ Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin comes in a cardboard long box. The product is safely packed inside a glass made bottle with a plastic cap. It has a pump dispenser through which you can pour out the product very easily. The bottle is bit heavy to carry so I would suggest you to either not take it while you travel or transfer the product in a small container, which is easy to travel. I totally love the fragrance of this product. The fragrance is soothing and so refreshing.

I opted for dry skin because of the winter season. Delhi is still witnessing little bit of coolness in the air till now. Though I have a normal skin but in winters my skin just thought to play with me. I used this product for 2-3 weeks on a regular basis and it did a decent job. I have a sensitive skin so it irritated me after the application. But after I wash my face, it came back to normal.

The price tag is to concern for but the brand makes organic friendly products. You can invest in this product and see the changes yourself. It made my skin soft and smooth, which helped regaining my old skin naturally. Except the irritation thing, I could not find any cons. I would highly recommend you to try this product.

Swatch: In the image below.



  • Travel friendly is handled with care

  • Smooths the skin's texture

  • Organically and naturally made

  • Alcohol free

  • Gentle to use

  • SLES free

  • Availability

  • No added color


  • Not for sensitive skin

  • Might be expensive for some

  • Not travel friendly

Rating: 4/5


Organic Harvest Activ Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin is a nice product to own. It helps in cleansing your skin and makeup both. It will be a nice add on to your skin care collection. You can give this product a try without any problems or worries.

Have you tried Organic Harvest Activ Cleansing Milk for Dry Skin? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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Disclaimer: The product is been sent by the PR of Organic Harvest  for the review purposes, but views shared are my own.

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