'FLAWED' by Cecelia Ahearn: Book Review

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Author: Cecelia Ahearn

Price: Rs. 175/-

Where To Buy: Amazon


Celestine North: Celestine is a perfect girl! She is the best student in school. Everything she do is with perfection and have a reason. She doesn’t like illogical things. She is a darling to her parents because she is that perfect. Her sister is jealous of her perfection and thus, she hates her to the core. She loves helping people but sometimes while helping others, she forced herself to many troubles.

Judge Crevan: He is the judge of the flawed community. He is the most powerful man in the city and can do harm to anyone he wants to. He hated people who are not scared of him. He did a lot of wrong things with Celestine for which, he is proud. He even did not think about his son, Art even once. Art is the love of Celestine’s life but Crevan killed the love between them.


My take on the book ‘FLAWED’: This book, Flawed, is written by Cecelia Ahearn. She became popular the time she came out with the novel, PS I love you. This was for the first time, I was going to read her book and never thought that I would love it too.

The most powerful character is being played by Celestine in the book. Throughout her journey, she is struggling with her life. There were many ups and downs shown in the story but Celestine is a fighter. She emerged as a true winner even at the end of the story. This book is surely a page turner and give will you Goosebumps while you read it. The journey of Celestine is showcased in a most heart touching way, at some point of time even I could relate myself to this character. Branded as flawed is not a small thing and to carry that stain of being ashamed is not easy to carry on your shoulders.

You are going to relate with her character. The story has been depicted beautifully by the author but according to me it was little exaggerated. A beginner or not a regular reader won’t be able to finish this 400+ pages book quickly. There were some incidents, which could have been deleted but still it is worth reading. I can’t wait to read Celestine’s story, which will be continued in Cecelia’s next book, PERFECT.


Rating: 4/5

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