Scuba Diving at GOA

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Before start writing about today’s post, I have a question for all of you. Are you a daring personality? Do not worry, I am not asking you to do any serious thing, so chill.

Actually, I have heard a lot about daring water sports like Scuba Diving. But when the same thing happens in Goa, then it is totally different thing. In today’s post, I will be talking about Scuba Diving and of course, GOA.

From past many years, I had a dream to travel to Goa and do something exciting, something daring; for example, Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving is a kind of water sport, which mainly focuses on breathing. The Scuba Diving instructor helps you to give a dimension to such water sports. It is not necessary for you to learn swimming in order to enjoy this daring water sport. This is because you already have an instructor besides, who will always be there to guide you.

You need to attach fins to your feet, a dive mask and of course, a diving suit. You get so many equipment while doing Scuba Diving thing. So, if you are afraid of trying something daring like this, then just chuck out all the worries as you have many things around you to protect. The experience is out of the world as you get so much to do under the water. Talking to water and underwater species will add a cherry on the top just like it does on top of the cake.

Coming to Goa, it is situated in the South West area of India. Mumbai people find it easy to reach Goa as it is very near to that place. Goa is a place, which attracts large number of tourists. Actually, it is because the life and the culture is like outside India. The travelers find it easy to connect this place Goa. Adding to the list, now a days, even many Indians love going to Goa. There are numerous beaches in Goa, which adds more places to see to your list of travelling.

You are going to enjoy the trip for sure if you want to explore a place like GOA. Though, even I want to visit this place as soon as possible and without any doubt, I would like to recommend you to travel to Goa and you are going to love the journey forever.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post about Goa and Scuba Diving. Do leave your views and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Scuba diving sounds interesting but scary for me :) Nice post :)
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  2. I had tried snorkelling on my honeymoon trip to Andaman... It is a different world altogether under the blue waters :) Want to try scuba diving as well! Great write up

  3. oh my.. that must have been so amazing... thank uu di