'LOGICALLY STUPID, THAT'S LOVE' by Shikha: Book Review

Love has no definition and if you have ever been in love then you’ll certainly understand the first few words I’ve written here. If you guys are following me on social networks, then you must know about how much I love reading love stories. It is always said that without any obstacles, there can’t be a successful love story. What you think? Is it right? I think, yes!

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‘Logically stupid, that’s love’ is the book I was reading from past one week. As I have finally finished reading this cute love story, I am here to share my review with the beautiful people like you. This amazing cluster of cute moments in a love story is written by an author, SHIKHA. She is an adorable author and a great person to be with. And I am trying my luck to meet her over a cup of coffee at least one day and she has promised for the same. Isn’t it amazing? I know it is! I will surely chit chat with her and publish a sassy interview on my blog.

Anyways, coming back to this review; let me waste not even a minute of yours for the same. Let’s move further with the book review.


Author: SHIKHA

Price: Rs. 250/-

Where To Buy: Buy online on Amazon


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KARTIK BRAR: Kartik is a boy next door who only wants to taste the mountains of success. At a very young age, he became the soul of DataMagic and hosted the chair of COO. He was always inclined towards his goal and achieved the same very smoothly. The young brain is filled with amazing ideas which helped the company reach the heights. It was only then he met a fairyland girl at a wedding where his boss was staying and Kartik too.

SAHANA KHURANA: Sahana is a daughter of one of the richest businessman. She has got all the reasons to do whatever she wants to do but at the same time, her heart speaks like that of a normal middle class girl. She parties with her friends, she is not interested in studies, she is beautiful just like a princess and the list is endless. In spite of all these leisure and luxurious life, she has a heart of gold. She also wants a boy to love her like an angel like every girl on this earth imagines for.

RAHUL CHHABRA: Rahul is Sahana’s fiance who is again a rich brat. He is the son of another rich businessman and as the society goes, the 2 families wanted their children to get married and lead a luxurious life. Rahul is not at all interested in going to office and take over his dad’s business in his hands. He loves to spend time with his gang and do all the flirty things. But Rahul is the only character in this story helping the hero and heroine to get back together.

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AJIT KHURANA: Ajit is Sahana’s rich dad by all means! He cares for her daughter and wife but at the same time he knows how to deal with people to get his work done. Kartik was one such youngster, whom Ajit used to name his company DataMagic big in the industry. He is always in dilemma that how he’ll be able to deal with his daughter. Whenever he thinks of getting Sahana married, he lands up in one problem or the other.

ALKA KHURANA: Alka is Sahana’s sweet mother. She is always worried about her innocent daughter, Sahana. She wants her daughter to be happy and secure her future in a perfect way possible. This was one of the reasons why Sahana’s mother wanted her daughter to marry Rahul.

CHHABRA & MRS. CHHABRA: Mr. and Mrs. Chhabra are Rahul’s parents. They have ignored Rahul’s mistakes every now and then. They wanted their son to get married to Sahana so that he lives his life in a positive way.

GAURI & ARMINDER BRAR: And here comes the parents of the hero, Kartik. Gauri as always is worried about her son who is in late 20's. Mothers are always their children life to get married at the earliest, so is the role of Gauri here too. She is loud and shouting at her sons all the time. Whereas Kartik’s father Arminder is very experienced and light in nature. He is very calm and explains the things to his sons with an ease.

VINAYAK BRAR: With love called as ‘Vinny’! He is a brat of Brar’s family. Vinny is Kartik’s younger brother. He is the kind of son who respects his parents to the core, especially for his mother. He just can’t take it when anybody insults his mother. He is also a dear brother for Kartik as Vinny helped his elder brother to fight for his lady love.

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My take on the book ‘LOGICALLY STUPID, THAT’S LOVE’:

Shikha is a beautiful writer, which can be recognized through the usage of words in this book. The light hearted story has many elements to read on. Obviously, I don’t want to ruin the suspense of this book in this blog post but I can assure you with one thing that you are going to love this book.

While reading this love story, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve gone mad and also cursed the parents of the hero and heroine of the story. You’ll not find any harshness in the story but the twists are amazingly portrayed.

In the beginning, Kartik is trying to build his career as he wanted to make money. Ajit saw a dream in his sparkling eyes and gave him the position to take his company DataMagic to new heights. Before starting his career, Ajit advised Kartik to take a quick trip to Goa. The Goa journey started with an angel in his car, Sahana. During the trip, Sahana and Kartik came close and eventually fell in love. Their love story included many elements, for which you need to read the story.

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Slowly and steadily, their love story grew and everything sorted out. I really liked the way the 2 love birds met with the help of their parents. At few situations, even I could relate to my story (no I am not trying to disclose my awful love story here).

I’d highly recommend you to give this book a read, you’ll love it. I hope you enjoyed reading my review on this book. Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.

Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

Disclaimer: This book is been sent by BlogAdda for the review purposes, but the review been shared is my own.

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  1. A brilliant book altogether. Readers will surely wait for new books by the Author.

  2. I completely agree with you Sanjay..

  3. Love stories are fun to read especially while travelling! Will check this out. Thanks for sharing!

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