Zotiqq Must Have Jewelery Subscription Box- August 2015: Review, Products

OK OK, I know I’m late in publishing this post as it supposed to be scheduled in the month of August, but it is never too late, right?

I know there’ll be millions of girls out there who love wearing fashionable jewelry, but personally I don’t like wearing much of accessories. Though I love collecting them and enhance the beauty of my wardrobe with funky accessories. So, long time ago I figured out about Zotiqq, one stop for all the jewelry lovers. Zotiqq also started with monthly jewelry subscription boxes some time ago and I was literally dying to buy one. After a lot of thinking, I finally said yes to this subscription box and chose to go for must have box first.

Let me tell you, this Zotiqq jewellery subscription box changed my mind set and now I love flaunting all the funky jewelry and show off before the world. I had shopped from Zotiqq before and shared my experience here. I’m totally loving this must have jewelry subscription box from Zotiqq. Let’s find out the beauties I got in the August’s Zotiqq Must Have Jewelry Subscription Box!

Price: Rs. 1000/- for Must Have Jewelry Subscription Box (with free shipping, yuppiee)

Availability: Buy on Zotiqq's website here

Products I got: As in this must have box, Zotiqq provides the customers with 3 pieces of jewelry, let us see what I received in this fashionista box. :D *EXCITED*


Look at these beauties!! I’m drooling over these already. I got these beautiful earrings with so many funky elements in it. The best part is those blue feathers draped in these earrings. These would be a great option to flaunt the funky side of yours. The design is really elegant and I totally love it.


I mean like 4 different colored bracelets?? OMG, it is really an amazing treat to any fashion lover. The bracelets are so trendy and classy to look at. These would match up with every outfit you wear. When the appearance is too cute, then I’m sure it’ll look fabulous when worn.


Last but definitely not the least! My favorite part of this box is this gorgeous looking neck piece. My mom was too happy when she saw this piece of jewelry in this box. This would look best on white colored dress, just imagine. I simple love it!! :D

I wish they name all the pieces of jewelry they send to the customers. It becomes little difficult to name such beauties. Other than that, I totally love this idea of jewelry subscription box. Plus you get some awesome vouchers in the box, like I got a Rs. 500 discount voucher from the Four Fountain Spa, isn’t it amazing??

Have you tried any of the jewelry subscription boxes from Zotiqq? Do share your views and experiences in the comments below.

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