Movie Review: TALVAR #TalvarThisFriday

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Being a blogger, I feel very much responsible now to deliver as much informative post as possible to all my lovely readers. And as today's post says 'Movie Review', I'll be sharing a sneak peek and a review of an upcoming (most awaited) movie of this year "TALVAR".

So, I got an amazing opportunity to go for a special screening of TALVAR on 27th September, 2015 (Sunday). But unfortunately, I had my office and my brother helped me to go and watch this movie for me. Forward by which, he gave me a review as well. How much I love my brother!!! And yeah, you can watch the movie's trailer HERE.
Anyways, moving further, I asked him to give an honest review and here it is. I’m not going to bore you by writing long stories here; rather, I’ll share the review section wise. But first, some important things you need to know about the movie.
  • Director: MEGHNA GULZAR
  • Actors:
  • Cinematography: PANKAJ KUMAR
  • Edited by: A. SREEKAR PRASAD
Review: Section wise

OPINION: It is a must watch for every Indian who loves to watch movies based on mystery and thrill. The story has been written very well with some amazing interesting elements in it. These interesting elements add more thrill to the story line. It is an anticipated thriller movie, which will surely be appreciated by the audience to an extent. They have not only added a lot amazing stuff but also humor to exhibit a comedy look. So, in between you will experience a good laugh as well. Climax of the movie gets very slow, but there will be an urge to know what is going to come up next. So, a great show, indeed!!

PORTRAYING CASE & FACTS: They have portrayed the case and all the facts in a very well structured way. There was no cluster of thoughts at all! They knew what they want to show to their audience. You all must know about this case very well, right? And when you’ll watch the movie, you’ll actually experience that its happening in real time. And I’m not joking guys!

ACTING MATTERS, WHO WAS THE BEST?: And the award goes to none other than, our very own, Mr. Irrfan Khan. He is the best actor we have in industry and every time he proves that. In this movie as well, he hit the paddle with right expressions at the right time. #RESPECT

RATING: 3.5/5

  • Intense
  • Full of suspense and thrill
  • Mystery thriller
  • Acting speaks man!
  • Very well scripted
  • Structured story line
  • Interesting to the core
  • In our Indian language, “TOTAL PAISA WASOOL”

In short, it is a power pact and an impactful movie which you’ll surely love. So, book your tickets now as the movie is going to release on this Friday, which is, 2nd October, 2015. It is going to be a long weekend, so it will be an apt time for this movie. #TalvarThisFriday

Hope you enjoyed this movie review! Do let me know your views in the comments below (and also after watching it).

As always thank you so much for taking out time and reading my blog.
Always keep smiling, it makes you look beautiful!

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