Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder (SANDAL): Review + Swatch

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As the summer season is still on, so I thought to review a product which will be very much useful for you this summers. In this season, we tend to suffer from skin problems like itching which leads to red marks on your skin.
And today to fight with skin related problems, I’m going to review Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder in the fragrance Sandal.

PRICE & QUANTITY: Rs 72/- for 150 grams

SHELF LIFE: 3 years

AVAILABILITY: In medical stores
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: For effective treatment of prickly heat and long lasting cooling relief from accompanied stinging, burning, and itching of skin. Also provides relief when suffering from Dhobi itch & Athlete’s foot.

INGREDIENTS: In the image below

HOW TO USE: Sprinkle Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder over the affected area for relief from prickly heat, itching sensation, heat rash and burning sensation. Its unique double action formula has bacteriostatic ingredients with control bacterial growth and infection and cooling ingredients that provide instant relief.  


Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder comes in a plastic packaging which is mustardy brown in color with a ring cap on top. As in the image you can see it has 2 holes from where you can pour out the product plus ‘open’ and ‘close’ is written with the ring, thus, makes it travel friendly.

The texture of the powder is smooth when applied. The fragrance is oh just beautiful! The fragrance of sandal is so refreshing and soothing that you fall in love with it. And my god, look at the price tag, just 72 bucks??? Really? It is worth buying this product, not only for the price tag but also for the results. I felt some burning sensation one day on my back and it further resulted in red swollen marks. Then my mom applied this powder, trust me, after 3 days my skin was back to normal. And when you apply this powder, you’ll surely feel the cooling sensation.

This is a must have product for everyone, especially for children as they play for long hours in sunlight. Also for the working people too, this works great.

SWATCH: In the image below.

  • Travel friendly
  • Budget friendly
  • Beautiful sandal fragrance
  • Cooling effect right after applying it
  • Smooth texture
  • Suitable for all
  • Contains bacteriostatic formula
  • Instant cooling relief
  • None

Dermi Cool Prickly Heat Powder is suitable for all but especially for children and working people. It provides you with instant cooling relief which relaxes your skin and senses both. A must have product in this heaty summer season. If you don’t owe this product, then just go grab it!

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experiences in the comments below.

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