Spend a Golden Evening at these Coffee Shops in Bangalore

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Every busy human being in this world have one thing in common, an addiction to coffee. Right?? Personally, I'm a big fan of coffees and just love the way it spreads its fragrance. In a day I think I gulp in 2-3 cups of coffees while working on my lappy. Ahh!! it is a leisure life, believe me.

So in this post, it is but obvious that I'll be sharing some amazing coffee shops in Bangalore city where you can enjoy the evening with your family and friends. Bangalore is the city where you'll not experience the humid climate, it is neither hot nor cool, and in this kind of weather you surely need a cup of coffee. So let us have a look at these cafes one by one:

1. CAFE DAILY BREAD: It is all about rich flavors, excellent taste, purity and long shelf life when we enter Cafe Daily Bread. It is one of the popular cafes in Bangalore and is truly loved by its customers. They serve the best coffee and tea which are been prepared by the experts to settle well with customers' taste. They assure that the products they are offering to their clients are pure and good to consume. The ambiance is too impressive so this is probably one of the best coffee shops in Bangalore.
Address: 167 Green Glam Layout, Bellandur, Bangalore, 560103, Karnataka
Phone number: 7053104407

2. HATTI KAAPI: Hatti Kaapi is a renowned coffee shop in Bangalore for offering fresh and pure coffee and snacks. A person who visits them for the first time becomes their regular customer. They present their coffee work in a very impressive and neat manner, you must check out this place for sure.
Address: Kapali Theatre Complex, Subedar Chatram Road, Bangalore, 560009, Karnataka
Phone number: 9741064395

3. BEAN HERE RESTAURANT: Bean Here is a multi-cuisine restaurant where you'll not only be entertained with coffee shops alone but you'll also find Continental, Chinese, North-Indian and South-Indian cuisines too. I think this is all under one roof restaurant and you'll not leave this place without trying some delicious bites.
Address: Rabindranath Tagore Nagar, Bangalore, 560032, Karnataka
Phone number: 7053104309

4. PRAKASH CAFE: Prakash Cafe is one of the oldest hotels in Bangalore. Well, we can identify from its name itself. In today's world where cafes/ hotels are experimenting with their names and tastes, Prakash Cafe stands out and has impressed their clients till date. Their main objective of serving people came from the belief that human kind is service to god. This coffee shop was built in the historic times and if you love history then you must visit this place. 
Address: 30, 1st Main Road, Chamrajpet, Bangalore, 560018
Phone number: 9980775708

5. SVENSKA DESIGN HOTEL: Svenska Design Hotel is another multi-cuisine restaurant where you'll find many yummy dishes. Along with these tastes, it has a coffee shops/ cafes where you can enjoy some amazing and yummy coffee with your family and friends.
Address: 56 D Svenska Design Hotel, Electronic City, Bangalore, 560100, Karnataka
Phone number: 7829991110

These were the top 5 coffee shops in Bangalore where you must visit and enjoy some coffee time with your loved ones. 
I hope you enjoyed this COFFEE post. Let me know in the comments below if you have visited any of these coffee shops. And if not, will you be doing that very soon? 
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